8 Ways You Can Maintain Weight Loss and Still Enjoy Yourself on a Vacation

Maintain Weight Loss

Weight loss is a tremendous achievement; According to Geeks Health report on meticore, maintaining it is not easy. Most people find themselves expending their mental energy on maintaining their weight loss even when going for a vacation.

We all want to enjoy a vacation without limits and without harping over how to maintain weight loss. No doubt, thinking that you might gain weight while on vacation can ruin all the fun.

Here are 9 ways where you can maintain weight loss while on vacation and still enjoy yourself.

Enjoy Your Vacation

A vacation is a good way to applause yourself for having lost weight. The process of losing weight is a long hard battle, and you need to acknowledge that you have earned that vacation. Therefore, don’t forget where you are. Enjoy as much as possible without thinking much about what you will eat.

Keep Moving

As much as possible, maintain 5,000 to 10,000 steps per day. Since you are on vacation, you can take advantage of the different places and stroll around to enjoy the view.

Instead of riding escalators or elevators, why not take the stairs? If your vacation is on a beach, take a walk along the seashore. This is a good way to enjoy the view while maintaining your body weight.

Skip Desserts for Dinner

Rather than eating desserts after dinner or as a late-night snack, you can take one after your breakfast. So, if you are planning to have a midnight rendezvous with sweets, we most likely recommend that you pass up that idea. This will help you maintain your current body weight while satisfying your sweet tooth.

Go Intermittent with Your Meals

If you are focused on maintaining the current status of your body, then you can try having intermittent meals. You can eat smaller portions of food multiple times a day. Alternatively, you can eat large portions while skipping one or two meals for the day. Practicing intermittent fasting helps you avoid calorie temptations during your vacation.

Smaller Plates

As mentioned beforehand, you can try taking smaller portions of meals. By doing so, you will get to enjoy multiple meals without having to think of adding weight.

Fruits and Vegetables

One thing that you should not omit even when on vacation is to take your fruits and vegetables on your meals. You can try fresh fruits and vegetables from the local market where you will be going for a vacation.

Sharing is Caring

Want to eat something that is not sold in small portions? Well, you can share it with your companion or family. You can always eat half of something and then share it with someone that you have brought along on your vacation.

Don’t Stress Yourself

A healthy mind leads to a healthy body and being. Do not stress yourself by thinking that you might get fat during this vacation. Repeat a mantra inside your head and remind yourself over and over again that you deserve this vacation.


The reason why you are on vacation is to enjoy and get away from the stressor in life. While you still want to watch your plate while on vacation, you shouldn’t feel guilty indulging in foods that you love. Take advantage of the vacation, and enjoy yourself as much as possible.

Traveling with Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis is most states is legal for all adults. Like this seller explained, it is an offense to use it if you are not legal of age. While medical cannabis is praised for its use in relieving, pain be it mild or severe, traveling with it might be quite consequential because not all states authorize its use. For instance, the Canada Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) has guidelines and procedures around flying with medical cannabis in Canada. The bad thing is that they only restrict this rule within Canada and not beyond their borders.

Within Canada

While it is legal to travel with medical marijuana within Canada, there are a few cautions laid down by CATSA that need to be followed to the latter. They include:

  • Medical documentation for proof of prescription should be carried at all times. Police at airports are instructed to check for the documents when you are carrying medical cannabis in Canada.
  • There is a legal amount of medical marijuana that should be carried by a person. Therefore a thorough check of a passengers` luggage will be conducted.
  • A passenger should always call the airlines and inform them about the prescription beforehand. Calling prior is because some airlines do not allow the transportation of any products containing cannabis, be it medicinal. Informing the airlines on time will also help to speed up the security check process. Failure to do this, some airlines will assume that you are transporting cannabis illegally.

Entering Canada

It is easier traveling with medical marijuana within Canada, but entering medical marijuana in Canada is a lot different. It is illegal to transfer cannabis products across the Canadian border. Edible cannabis, cannabis extracts, and cannabis topical cannot be transported across the Canadian border.

It doesn’t matter the quantity, the purpose (medical), the state or country, and it is advisable to make it known to the Canadian border services agency, and failure to declare it is considered a felony.

Leaving Canada

Like entering cannabis in Canada, it is also considered a crime to transport cannabis across the Canadian border. Cannabis is illegal in most countries and traveling with it to other countries no matter the amount you are carrying is considered a criminal offense. Leaving Canada with cannabis can lead to severe punishment by your home country and abroad, like being denied entry to that country.

At your destination

Leaving and entering with cannabis in Canada is considered illegal. Suppose you are lucky enough to travel with cannabis products to other countries. In that case, you should know the laws laid down for traveling with cannabis in those countries. 

A country like the USA has legalized marijuana, but some states still have passed down strict laws on traveling marijuana. A state like Arkansas requires one to sign up for the medical marijuana program 30 days prior and pay a non-refundable fee. The bottom line is you should familiarize yourself with other countries` laws before traveling with medical marijuana.

Always remember to pack your documents because traveling with cannabis in Canada requires one to have documentation that prescribes the use of medical marijuana so that you can accelerate your traveling process within Canada. In Canada, make sure to follow the rules given by the CATSA, and you will never get yourself on the opposite side of the law.