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How soon we forget!

It wasn’t that long ago, that Bahamians were up in arms because the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States had a system activated that allowed for the recording of all cellphone cal ...

FNM focusing on 4 GB seats

We have no conclusive information, but it appears that the Free National Movement’s priority constituencies in Grand Bahama are Central Grand Bahama, Pindridge, Marco City and East End.


T ...

Container Port nearing capacity

The Freeport Container Port, one of the largest employment entities on the island, is rebounding. Last October, Hurricane Matthew severely damaged equipment at FCP. The handling capacity was thus redu ...

Turnquest reaches out for unity

As if he was following up on the point made in this space recently about the opposition forces being in disarray, Free National Movement Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest is appealing for a unified front ...

PLP in chaos

The home base of headquarters of both the governing Progressive Liberal Party and the other major political force in the country, the Free National Movement (FNM), were quite active over the weekend.


Christie not Impressive

Prime Minister Perry Christie was not impressive at all! Those watching the Progressive Liberal Party convention this past week would have seen a very large number of people. In truth, party associate ...

Sears spoke out for democracy

Democracy is alive in this country. The courageous Alfred Sears who challenged Prime Minister Perry Christie for the leadership of the Progressive Liberal Party in convention this week, struck a big b ...

House Speaker in grey area

The Speaker of the House of Assembly (HOA), Dr. Kendal Major has operated quite outside of the norm of his predecessors.


Unlike all who went before him, House Speaker Dr. Major has stepped far ...

Sunrise road opening set

Sunrise Highway is due to be opened once again.


The Freeport News has been informed that all relevant talks have taken place between the Ministry for Grand Bahama, Harcourt Holdings Bahamas Lim ...

Christie in full control of PLP

Interestingly, although Prime Minister Perry Christie has been a high-profile public figure for four decades, the true essence of him is not well understood. He is a fighter, politically, like few oth ...

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