Enjoy a Wine or Two in Bahamas’ First Winery

Have you ever been to the Bahamas?  Or are you planning to go to? Then, you should try visiting the Bahama Barrels. The Bahamas is worldly renowned for its marvelous beaches and extravagant clear waters where you can enjoy plenty of activities involving the ocean. You should carry the wine luggage as Bahama Barrels offers you a different kind of twist in your experience in the Bahamas.

Between the busy and crowded city of Nassau, one hotel is starting to make a name for itself around the globe as the unusual wine hotspot of the Bahamas. It’s the first ever winery that opened in the country. The place is located at a downtown area of West Hill Street in Nassau. Bahama barrels are attached to the Graycliff Hotel but the winery itself is housed in a pleasant 1937 church and covenant built by the Sisters of Charity. Bahama Barrels is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm (except Christmas Day).

Grapes, which was used as the main ingredient for making wine is not grown in the archipelago since the fruit cannot grow with the islands’ climate and temperature. Instead, owners import different kinds of grapes from different countries which they, in turn, describe as a “truly unique Bahamian experience”.

At the Bahama Barrels, guests can try and taste wines from all across the globe and choose from a wide selection of wine that is guaranteed to be high class and delectable.

Not only that this place lets you taste their beautifully made wine but you can also involve yourself in the distillation process of making wine by booking their very own wine blending course which lasts for about an hour. This is truly an exciting and unique experience to try in the Bahamas aside from enjoying yourself with the beach – you would be blending your own wine that suits your taste and feels.

The blending course will be taught by an incredibly experienced Californian winemaker who was involved with winemaking for over 20 years. He will guide and help you through the nuances of wine tannins, acidity, balance, and finish of winemaking. After the course, you can proudly boast your very own wine which you made yourself.

It is only just that Bahamas’ first and only winery be located in Nassau. As the country’s only city, Bahama Barrels will doggedly leave a mark to its guests. In contrast with the usual norm that the Bahamas only offers exciting experiences with its magnificent beaches, you can, in fact, also enjoy plenty of new and unique activities like the winemaking in Bahama Barrels.

Surely, you will have no regret in visiting this place. Not only that you can taste flavorful and mouth-watering wines but you can also have your very own wine in luggage as you go back to your place. You can then show off to your friends and family the wine that you made yourself or just invite them to come and visit Bahama Barrels so they would experience the priceless excitement that you experienced when they come to the Bahamas.

List of All-Inclusive Package Vacations for Couples

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If you want to spend time far from distractions and dedicating your time to focus on yourself and your partner, then Tiamo may be the right place for you. This resort maintains its exclusivity with its 10-rooms and cottages capacity and its secluded location, only accessible via boat or seaplane. If you are vacationing with that special someone, Tiamo’s offered activities such as paddleboarding, snorkeling, bonefishing, or simply relaxing on by the pool or seaside will surely make you enjoy each other’s company.

Sandals LaSource Grenada

Sandals LaSource Grenada is located on Pink Gin Beach as a one-of-a-kind resort that not only has rooms with amazing seaside views, but also has the popular 10 world-class restaurants that offer different cuisines such as European, Caribbean, and Asian dishes. Butler services and unlimited free-flowing drinks of house wines, premium spirits, and coffee is included. Staying at Sandals will definitely take the stress out of you by making you feel like royalty.

Couples Swept Away

Couples Swept Away offers a boho-themed experience on a beach that stretches up to seven miles. This 10-acre resort also has many facilities such as a 10-acre sports and fitness complex, a spa, pools, and jacuzzis that will keep you entertained and spending time with your special someone.

Beloved Playa Mujeres

The Beloved Playa Mujeres is a 5-star luxury Mexican boutique hotel filled with many activities — whether you would just like to relax by the poolside or go on engaging activities such as fishing, seaside golf, and boating. The resort also offers complimentary phone calls for you to share your experience with family and friends.