Tasty and Nutritious Meal Replacement Drink

We’re a world on the go. Often, we don’t take time to eat a nutritious meal. Fast food joints or hastily downed junk food takes the place of good eating. Here’s an unbiased customer review for the product. A brown bagged apple or granola bar can only do so much to make up for missing breakfast or lunch.

Enter meal replacement products. They guarantee great taste and energy, but also supposedly replace an entire meal. There are dozens of brands crowding stores shelves. Do they live up to the hype?

ENSURE promises a full nutritious meal in a small conveniently transportable bottle. I’ve been a user of ENSURE for many years now. Not only have I used it on a daily basis, but also when I’ve skip a few days I really miss it.

After my Mom needed hospitalization because of a collapsed lung, visiting her became routine. Although she was eating better than when first admitted, she didn’t touch her ENSURE. When I asked about it she said, “Take it home with you.” I took it more for her than anything. I figured I’d try it one day out of curiosity, find the taste less than thrilling and that would be that. Well, I liked the taste.

I loved the taste. I can’t tell you how the other products taste, because I haven’t tried them. However, ENSURE has a full, natural tasting flavor that really delivers. My favorites: Vanilla Shake, Chocolate Shake and Butter Pecan. How the ENSURE folks do it, I don’t know, but they make these little shakes taste just like homemade shakes. If you love shakes, there will be no problem. If you don’t, the taste still goes down pretty easy.

Do I feel like I’ve eaten a full meal? Honestly, it doesn’t fill me up like a big chicken parmigiana sandwich. What ENSURE does completely well and effectively is make my hunger disappear and supply me with energy for several hours. The feeling allows you to operate as if you had that big meal, yet you’ll have none of the gas, bloating or additional side effects of putting away a large meal. Also it’s full of vitamins and minerals, so you know you’re getting more than just flavor.

ENSURE is an affordable, tasty way for me to balance nutrition, diet and an active lifestyle. I’ve tried brown bagging fruit or granola bar. I’ve stocked up on so called energy bars. They were snacks to satisfy hunger for a short time. ENSURE does a lot more. I recommend it to anyone as a nutritious way to balance meals throughout the day.


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