Jeffery Gibson motivates students during visits

by: Shayne Stubbs, Sports Reporter - Published Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Although he is home for some much needed rest and relaxation, 400-meter (m) hurdler Jeffery Gibson knew that visiting a few schools would be inevitable.

The 2015 Pan American Games gold medalist and 2015 International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF) bronze medalist paid a visit to a few primary schools on Monday.

Freeport Primary, Walter Parker Primary, Maurice Moore Primary and Hugh Campbell Primary were all excited to have the national record holder on their campuses.

The Freeport News was present for his time at Maurice Moore Primary where he brought brief remarks to the students. He encouraged them to be diligent in their studies and after school responsibilities.

" I'm here to keep you encouraged in your school work, after school activities and after school activity in sports.

" I want you all to keep focused, pay attention in class, respect your teachers and respect your classmates,"  the Bishop Michael Eldon Alum stated.

Respect is something that goes a long way, and Gibson told the students that manners and respect are tools needed to become better classmates.

" Everyone should respect one another because that's how you get a better school like Maurice Moore." 

Gibson revisited the past month. During that time Gibson traveled from city to city between Europe and Asia. He used this as an example to motivate the children to pay attention in the classroom.

" The past month I've been away to three different countries. I've been to China, I went to Italy and then I went to Belgium. These are all in Europe and in Asia. And I just want to let you know that all these things couldn't have happened if I didn't pay attention in school, from primary school, then to my high school level and I graduated. And with track and field and good grades I was able to go to college for free.

" After college I did my best to become a pro athlete and I run for Nike and The Bahamas. I just want to keep you encouraged that anything is possible. I look forward to seeing you all do well in what you do whether it is in academics or athletics." 

Gibson would be remiss had he not encouraged the teachers and administration of the institution.

" You bring out the best in the students. And you spend so much time with them that I'm sure you understand the affect that you have on them. But I still remember my teachers in grade 2 and in grade 1 and the attention that they gave me." 

The "Jeffery Gibson School Tour"  as we'd like to call it, continued yesterday with visits to Tabernacle Baptist Christian Academy, Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Academy, Grand Bahama Academy and St. Paul's Methodist College.


Published  Wednesday, September 30, 2015


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