It’s official ... competitors made BASRA event a success

by: Barbara Walkins, Night Editor

The results are official, 13 year old Alec Sands out Nassau was the overall winner in the menâ s division of the Annual Bernie Butler BASRAâ Marathon held on Saturday, August 17 at Coral Beach.

Young Sands turned in a time of 32:00.

With a time of 32:51 was Grand Bahamaâ s Joshua Rigby,16, and closing out the top three was John Silvera, 16, of Grand Bahama.

In the female division, the top three ladies were out of Grand Bahama Sabrina Campbell in a time of 37:53 for first place overall; Tenniya Martin, 11, with a time of 41:31 for second and Stacey Bradley in a time of 43:20 to close out the top three.

This year organizers were again pleased with the numbers, as some 90-plus competitors registered for the marathon.

Following are individual category results (top five):

Male 17M

Tyler Russell (Nassau); Malvin Moore (Freeport); Malik Atkinson (Freeport); Kristofer Smith (Freeport); Keilan Rolle (Freeport)

Female 29F

Kori Thompson (Freeport); Katy Barrales (Orlando, Florida); Jessica Waugh (Freeport); Anne-Marie Carroll (Freeport)

Male 29M

John Bradley (Freeport); Justin Lewis (Freeport); Brad Thompson (Freeport)

Female 39F

Amy Fingland (Freeport); Carrie Saidi (Nassau); Nina Dormas (Freeport); Julian Passos (Paradise Island); Isabella Thompson (Freeport)

Male 39M

Cameron Roach (Nassau); Lee McCoy (Nassau); William Russell (Nassau); Andrew Smith (Nassau); Brad Culmer (Freeport)

Female - 49F

Jessica Robertson (Nassau); Stacy Francolla (Freeport); Vicki Stafford (Freeport); Michelle Hanson (Freeport)

Male - 49M

Michael Hendley (Freeport); Dan Romence (Freeport); John Francolla (Freeport); Doug Jannuseh (Nassau); Mitchell Cartwright (Nassau)

Female - 59F

Fiona Horsfall (Freeport); Hida Ingraham (Freeport)

Male 59M

Robbie Butler (Freeport); Godfrey Waugh (Freeport); Dave Culshaw (Freeport); Ryan Carroll (Freeport); Dave Pierce (Freeport)

Female 60F

Kathleen Brackett (Freeport); Brigitte Pilgrim (Freeport)

Male 60M

Craig Stewart (Freeport); Joe Thompson (Freeport); Dave Barrales (Orlando, Florida); Tony Appleyard (Nassau); Peter Higgs (Nassau)

Male T06F

Tafari Fountain (Freeport); Eli Baptista (Freeport)

Female T08M

Abayomi Brown (Freeport); Elliot Francolla (Freeport)

Male T08M

Marvin Johnson (Freeport); Kellon Albury (Freeport)

Female T10F

Angel Percentie (Freeport); Mailee Brackett (Freeport); Arriel Quant (Freeport)

Male T10M

Tristan Russell (Nassau); Connor Currie (Freeport); Rhyan Storr (Freeport); Taye Fountain (Freeport)

Female T12F

Serena Tynes (Nassau); Asher Percentie (Freeport); Athena Werner (Freeport)

Male T12M

Rhys Storr (Freeport)

UNOFCL Individual Category UNF

Kevin Winter (Freeport); Lynette McInnes (Freeport); Debbie Winter (Freeport)

UNOFCL Individual Category UNM

Lori Roach (Nassau)

UNOFCL Individual Category UNO

Jan Gripp (Virgina Beach, Va); Casey Allen (Orlando, Florida); Abigail Harlan (Freeport)

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