3rd Annual Junior Rugby Tournament ... a success

by: Tom Purvis

Over the weekend the Freeport Rugby Club held its 3rd Annual Junior Rugby International Tournament and organizers said it was a great success. 
Arriving in The Bahamas were teams from the Cayman Islands and America to play the great game of rugby. The teams all showed great sportsmanship and it was obvious they all enjoyed themselves. There were teams from under nine to16-years-old.  
On Friday night there was a welcome pizza party where the local and visiting kids all got to know each other. 
When the coaches and teams arrived they ran onto the pitch and all of a sudden the field was filled with young rugby players. It was really great to see so many people playing on the field and just having fun.
On Saturday there were games all day. 
The games all started on time and organizers did a great job of sticking to the schedule, and getting all the games finished by 5:00 p.m., just in time for everyone to watch the exhibition game played by the Golden Oldies, teams made up of men 35 and over.
The results in the Golden Oldies game was a shock to everyone watching, as Key Biscayne thrashed the combined Cayman Bahamas team. Most people did not realize that the Key Biscayne team had players who were ex-Argentinian National players. 
It was exciting to watch, but clearly Key Biscayne had so much more experience and must have practiced all the time as they outclassed the opposition.
The Bahamas Junior teams played really well. 
They were very quick on the break and showed a lot of natural talent. From their performance it was obvious they had been working hard on their organisation.
However, there is still the need to develop their passing and tackling skills to match the other teams. 
I was surprised yet pleased to see two girls playing for Cayman and even more so to see when they got out on the pitch ... they held their own, played really well and tackled extremely well. 
In fact, the coaches told me that ladies rugby is growing around the world and is very entertaining to watch.
Then on Sunday there was a Barbarian-style competition for the Under 13’s where all the three countries joined together to produce four teams which played each other. The final scores on this day were ignored, because it was no longer a competition against countries but purely for the love of the game.
This weekend was brilliant. 
The parents from Key Biscayne and Cayman should be congratulated for making the effort to travel to Freeport and for helping put on such a great tournament, without them there would not have been a tournament. 
It was also great to see so many local residents come out and support the club and teams. 
Many of the travelling teams said that it was a fantastic weekend and they would definitely be returning next year.
Even though I don’t play, I still had a great weekend and enjoyed mixing and meeting new people. 
Well done Freeport Rugby Club!

The results for the games are as follows:

Under 9s – Key Biscayne won with two wins. First Key Biscayne,  Second Freeport, Third Cayman.

Under 11s - Key Biscayne won with two wins. First Key Biscayne,  Second Freeport, Third Cayman.
Under 13s  - There were two teams from Cayman, their first team won with three wins. First Cayman 1, Second Freeport and Key Biscayne, Third Cayman 2.

Under 15s – There were two teams from Freeport. Their first team won with two wins. First Freeport 1, Second Cayman and Key Biscayne, Third Freeport 2.

Tom Purvis is an avid sports enthusiast.  At age 13, he attends Lucaya International High School in Year 8.  His parents are hoping that by putting pen to paper Tom can share his love of sports, tell more people about sport.
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