Laverne Eve Advocates Big Focus On Instruments

by: Fred Sturrup FN General Manager/ Managing Editor

NEW PROVIDENCE – Laverne Eve will be 49 on June 16. She looks 15 years younger and is still by far, the best Bahamian female in the javelin event.

That's a tribute to her longevity and " good condition"  consistency, but the timeless one admits that it ought not be the case. At the accreditation center on opening day, despite her great contributions to Bahamian sports power, there she was seeking credentials that would give her flexibility of movement at the World Relays.

Why such a luminary, on the morning of the first day of the World Relays was still unsure of how she would be accredited is a story for another time.

True to her love of country and its youth, despite being frustrated, she still was more than willing to express her concern about the great void between her level of performance and the best of the other females in the country who throw the instruments (shot-put, discus and javelin).

" No it should be different. It would be good if there were others who had reached my accomplishments. But you know something? I wonder about the coaches out there. What are they looking for? There is talent out there for much more than just sprinting. We have all sorts of potential among our youth,"  said Eve.

On several occasions Eve had been selected to assist with a research program, geared to find the raw talent in the Family Islands. Sadly though, those programs were short-lived. Eve informed that she went to the extent of putting together a comprehensive program for the development of the young boys and girls from throughout the country.

" I presented my proposal to the Ministry (Youth, Sports and Culture). I donâ t know what happened. So here we are. What's going on with the national academy? I just don't know. Hopefully though we will get our act together.

On the bright side, she expressed joy over the hosting of the World Relays.

" This is really good. It's a great achievement for the country. Hosting the first World Relays is significant,"  said Eve. Asked whether she would like to see the International Associations of Athletic Federations (IAAF) broaden out and bring on stream a World Field Events Championships, Eve smiled.

"  That would be something. I would like that but first I suppose, the IAAF will want to see how the relays go and then think about another event,"  said Eve.

In the meantime, she stands prepared to give back to the nation through her experience anytime an official request of substance is made.

" There have been talks. I have heard some offers, but nothing has materialized yet,"  she further stated.

Perhaps the powers that be, are hoping to put together a worthwhile package.

It certainly would be a plus for the national sports development program in general and track and field in particular, if at some point, Eve is officially placed in the mix.

She gave her country many medals and quality representation for 31 years. Yes indeed, she did so for more than three decades. As a junior athlete in 1980, she won a gold medal in the discus and placed second in the shot-put during the Central American and Caribbean Junior Championships. At the 1980 Carifta Games, she struck gold in the shot-put and the javelin.

As late as 2011, she competed for her country, a ninth place finish in the javelin during the Pan American Games. Her high point was the 2002 Commonwealth Games gold medal.

Published Monday, May 26, 2014

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