High school athletes open World Relays competition

by: Fred Sturrup FN General Manager/ Managing Editor

NEW PROVIDENCE  – The big attraction over the weekend in the capital was the showcasing at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium of the best athletes in the world. The World Relays drew the best sprinters, and middle distance runners from over 30 countries.

Instrumental to the event however was the presence of high school students. The Local Organizing Committee for the World Relays opted to have a segment dedicated to high school runners and it was a wonderful dimension.

The young boys and girls got the audience primed for the feature events. They were excellent. Grand Bahama and Bimini (GBB) represented the Northern Region and captured three of the relays. GBB won the boys 4x100 relay, the GBB girls captured their 4x100 relay and GBB took the medley relay. It was a special opportunity for the young athletes. From that lot could come one day, competitors in an actual World Relays event, somewhere in the world, in the not too distant future.

Kermit Taylor, a former executive member of the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA) and who now has his own track and field news sight, was on hand for the two days of competition.

He thought the inclusion of the high school athletes was tremendous.

" Having the juniors compete at an event of this size was an idea of genius proportions. For those athletes who would have never had an opportunity to compete on the world stage, this was excellent for them. In particular it was a big inspiration and a boost for them like they never expected.

" A lot of them are struggling to find their way for a breakout year. Being able to compete at this event, mentally it will do a lot for them. It will certainly help with their overall development,"  said Taylor.

There is a good chance the World Relays of 2015 will be hosted by The Bahamas as well.

Some of those high school athletes who competed this time around, might get to do it again.

Others might get their opportunities.

The possible chance of getting to compete on the big stage of world athletics is significant.

Published Monday, May 26, 2014

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