Flag football picture painted

Police Enforcers 7

ISS Marines 40

The last time we saw the Police Enforcers they were on the winning end of a blowout, but this past weekend was a complete turnaround.

With a less than subpar performance at both ends, this game was almost painful to watch as they dropped passes, gave up sacks and got caught out of position on far too many occasions.

For some reason they abandoned everything that worked for them during the regular season in a game that (in hindsight) mattered most.

What we didnâ t see was the precision passing of QB #11 Drexel Russell to go to guys like #75 Addison Russell and #2 Charles Williams Jr.

We didnâ t see the running game, we didnâ t see the strong defensive play like were used to, we really didnâ t see the Enforcers playing the way that earned them a trip this far into the post season.

The ISS Marines, however, gave us a new look.

They were able to capitalize on almost every opportunity presented to them defensively to the tune of five total interceptions, inclusive of one â Pick 6⠝ by #24 Larry Burrows. QB #88 Lawrence Woods Jr. passed for two TDS, while #81 Alderio Grant added one rushing TD.

The ISS Marines seemed to be bringing it all together late into the season and as quoted by #58 Ross Burrows â no one can beat ISS Marine when we really come to play⠝⠦..a theory that will be put to the test once more as they head into the menâ s Championship.

Lady Marines 18

Container Port Piranhas 6

The Freeport Container Port Piranhas came into the game with only one planâ ¦ and that was to win.

However, at some point you have to make adjustments, but their adjustments came too little too late. Missing a key player, coupled with multiple dropped passes on key downs, did nothing to extend their playoff hopes.

The ISS Lady Marines on the other hand came in and executed operation fish fry! From the opening kick-off they fought hard for every yard they moved the ball on the ground and in the air.

The running game paid off early as they moved the ball effortlessly. And as any true football coach would know, the run game is a key factor in opening up the passing game.

Solid rushing yards and receptions by #15 Ivarene Jones and #33 Merlene Duncombe proved to be too much for the Piranhas to deal with offensively, while #6 Meoshe Munroe would take two INTs inclusive of a â Pick 6⠝ on the defensive end to ensure the ISS Lady Marines would advance to the Championship Game. â Hoorah⠝ ladiesâ ¦ â Hoorah⠝.

MLM Assassins 6

Lady Enforcers 12

The MLM Assassins have every possible piece needed to be a Championship team, but sadly they may have to wait until next season.

In what was expected to be the most exciting game of the day I was left trying to figure out how it turned out to be a one sided affair.

The MLM Assassins can put up big points offensively and defensively, they have a great running game and one of the better QBs in the womenâ s division.

The Lady Enforcers have great defense as they have held teams to zero points for most of the season.

The offence is built around the running game, but the passing game still needs improvement.

I would have called this game to be a give and take situation, with both teams making great plays on both ends of the field.

The Assassins were unable to make any real offensive push until late in the second half, but by then it would have been too late.

The Lady Enforcers came to prove that they are the number one seeded team for a good reasonâ ¦and thatâ s because they win games and that this was no exception. Strong running by #15 Muriel Stuart and a â Pick 6⠝ by #2 Waltonique Bartlett the Lady Enforcer will take their running game to the Championship.

Bahama Rock 13

GB Shipyard Wreckers 6

Upset. Upset. Upset. It seems that everyone figured the results of this game to be an upset; well that is everyone except me.

Last week I was lambasted because I explained that the Bahama Rock Excavators was playing for more than just bragging rights, but that they were also playing for the respect of the entire league.

I also mentioned that the Wreckers would have to score more than six points to win the game.

The irony is that the score reflected my exact sentiments; however, I have yet to hear from my detractors on the games actual outcome. So how did it all play out?

The GB Shipyard Wreckers came out with a seemingly strong defensive presence, but were unable to move the ball when on the offense.

The QB seemed to be a bit lost in the game as there were obvious miscues and instances where he just held onto the ball too long, while looking for a big play instead of taking the short pass and marching the ball downfield.

Unable to score until early in the second half, the Shipyard Wreckersâ defence ( #56 Borolin Darling, #21 Julian Zephy and #3 Arien McDonald) continued to give a strong effort to try and force a turnover in hope to capitalize, but it never materialized.

The Bahama Rock Excavators on the other hand came out with a game plan in mind; to push and push until they break.

The Excavators never abandoned their game plan and led the game 13-0 at the end of the first half.

Going into the second half the game plan was modified to hold the GB Shipyard Wreckers at bay and maximize clock management.

After being flustered by the Wreckers scoring six points the Excavators were able to regain their composure and get back to the game plan which was sealed by the late INT by #1 Tadd Martin. Aided by the strong leg work of #12 Geno Jones and two rushing TDS by QB #11 Lavonte Parker the Bahama Rock Excavators advance to the Championship game.

Championship Weekend Lineup

2:00 p.m.

GBFFL North (League Leaders) VS. GBFFL South (League Leaders)

3:15 P.M. I

SS Lady Marines will take on the Lady Enforcers for the ladiesâ championships

4:30 P.M.

Bahama Rock Excavators will take on the ISS Marines for the menâ s championships.

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