Lady Marines wins flag championship

by: Andrew Coakley, Sports Editor

The Lady Marines football team is determined to begin a dynasty.
That’s the sentiments of coach Terry Wildgoose, who by the way, is a strong Dallas Cowboys fan, and who just be stuck in the era when the Cowboys dominated the NFL.
Even if coach Wildgoose’s predication is a bit premature, the Lady Marines has already begun the process of creating a dynasty with their first win in the Grand Bahama Football League.
The Marines slipped past the Lady Enforcers, beating them 6-2 to win their first female championship on Sunday at the GB Sports Complex.
If the Marines went into Sunday’s game with an over compensating mind set, that was put to rest early in the game because the Enforcers were not ready to just lay down and call it quits.
Even fans of the Lady Marines, who were used to the team putting up large numbers on the board had to sit on the edge of their seats on Sunday, as time wore down.
“To me, a win is a win,” said coach Terry Wildgoose.
“Even if we had won by 30 points, that would have still been written down as a win. So, that’s all we wanted to do today, come out here and walk away with the win and that’s what we did.”
With two minutes left in the game, the Lady Enforcers were beyond the 50 yard mark and threatening to come up with a touch down and either steal the game on put the Marines on their toes.
However, the defence for the Marines came up big, stopping the Enforcers’ drive and forcing them to go for the fourth down play.
Again, the defence stepped up big and forced the turn over on downs.
With just under a minute left to play, all the Lady Marines had to do was take the knee on three plays and let the time run out.
“This defence is absolutely outstanding,” said coach McArthur Rigby, who, along with Wildgoose, led the Lady Marines to victory.
“All season, more of the emphasis has been on our offence, because people are used to us scoring lots of points, but today, in this championship game, the defence finally got the spotlight it deserves. 
“It was the defence that gave us this victory, because we didn’t put up the kind of points we’re used to, but we kept them from scoring and that’s all that matters.”
Anyone who had followed both the Lady Marines and the Lady Enforcers during the regular season, would have known that the championship game was not going to be a scoring fest. 
Both teams defeated each other once during the regular season and both of those games were close games.
Coach McArthur Rigby said that he expected the game to be close because the Enforcers has always been a formidable team all season.
“Championship games are always tough because its the two best teams going head-to-head,” said coach Rigby.
What made this championship sweet for the Lady Marines is the fact that they, like a few of the other female teams in the league, are new to the sport, and to come out in their first season and come away with the championship trophy says a lot.
“It says that we’re on our way to creating a dynasty,” coach Wildgoose said again, coming back to this idea of making the Lady Marines team a flag football dynasty.
“The way these girls came together and gel proves that they deserves to be champions. But we’re in the process of creating a dynasty so we still have a lot of work to do.  We’re not taking this for granted, but realise that this is just a stepping stone for us.”
With their first championship under their belts, the Lady Marines will now be looking to the upcoming flag football tournament that will take place here in Grand Bahama next week, which will feature teams from Nassau coming to the second city to play.
Tournaments are different from regular season play and even different from championship games, but coach Wildgoose is convinced that the Lady Marines have what it takes to win the tournament as well.
“We will make some adjustments for the tournament,” said coach Wildgoose. “In coaching you have to look at the negative side of your game and make the necessary adjustments and prepare for each season, including a tournament.”
Both coaches admitted that the Lady Marines are no where near being perfect, and say that they still have a lot of work to do, even to prepare for next season.
“We’re not the perfect team, but we were good enough to be crowned champions this season,” coach Wildgoose.
 Coach Rigby said that one of their goals this season was to try and put female football on the same level as male football, in terms of the kinds of plays their execute.
“The joy is watching this team play and execute plays like the male teams,” said Rigby.
“We’re one of the most exciting teams on the league to watch play. So we wanted to come in and take female football to the next level and I think that we have accomplished that.”
The Lady Marines finished the regular season 5-3.

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