ISS Marine wins Men’s Flag Championship

by: Andrew Coakley, Sports Editor

Let’s all stand and salute, because this has certainly been a year of the Marines in Grand Bahama Flag Football.
The Lady Marines disposed of the Police Lady Enforcers to clinch the female championship and then the ISS Marines ran over the Bahama Rock Excavators to win the men’s championship.
The Marines have mae Flag Football History becoming the first organization to win both the male and female championships in the same season. 
This is the first time in the league for both the Lady Marines and for the ISS Marines.
“This has truly been a good season for us after coming into the league for the first time,” said coach Jay Stuart, head coach of the ISS?Marines.
“I have to thank our sponsor, Mr. Mike Hall, who had our backs all the way and helped us to get to this point.  It was just up to the players to go out on the field and do their part and that’s what these guys did.”
The Marines beat the Excavators 32-6 to take home the men’s championship trophy.
While Bahama Rock entered the championship as the “Cinderella” team, their royal coach that took them to the championship, turned back into a pumpkin in the championship game, as the Excavators fell apart when it mattered most.
In fact, the game was stopped one minute before the final whistle blew because the game got out of hand and ended in a scuffle, that almost turned into a full blown brawl.
“The guys just can’t take losing,” said one of the Marines as they walked off the field, after the officials called the game.
“We know that Bahama Rock is a team that likes to play physical ball and they try to intimidate their opponents, but I try to keep my team focused on what it was we came out here to do. All I told them to do was to execute and we would come out with the victory.”
Coach Stuart said that he had no doubt in his mind going into the game that his team could pull off the win.
“There is nothing wrong with being physical, but sports is also mental and as long as a team is not mentally disciplined, they will make lots of mistake and all that physical stuff will just go to waste. 
“My job as the coach is to make sure that we’re not just phsyical, but that we think smart on the field.”
The ISS ended the season with just one loss, which was to the Shipyard Wreckers and coach?Stuart says that one loss still haunts him to date.
He admitted that it was tough being a new team in the league, because a lot of people doubted them, but they stuck together as a team.
“It was a successful season and it’s been fun,” said coach?Stuart. 
“The guys played hard all year round and I hope that next season would be even better.”
And what does coach Stuart feels contributed to the Marines’ success?
“Discipline. Discipline, commitment and believing in the philosophy and strategies that I put into place. 
“It’s stressful being the only coach for a team like this, but everyone has to make sacrifices. 
“These guys come to practice after work and during their days off, so that kind of commitment paid off.”

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