Rising from the bottom to the top

by: Andrew Coakley, Sports Editor

All of the fans who’ve followed flag football this season have their mouths opened in shock.
The Bahama Rock Excavators will be playing in the men’s championship against the ISS Marines.
Well, not all of the fans are in shock because there are those who believed in Bahama Rock all during the season, even during those times when they were beaten by all five of the top teams in the league.
On the other hand, those who followed the league from the start of the season had probably written off Bahama Rock’s chances of even a play-off appearance. 
Bahama Rock was beaten by Frecon, handcuffed by the Police Enforcers, ran over by the Wreckers, destroyed by the Zorba’s Destroyers and held captive by the ISS Marines.
From the looks of things, Bahama Rock did not appear ready to make it to the “big dance” this season. 
Perhaps next season.
By the end of the regular season, Bahama Rock was hanging on to the bottom runk of the Flag Football ladder.
All the while, in the midst of the beatings, the boys from Bahama Rock were developing their game, learning a little more each time and by the time Play-offs came around, Bahama Rock had morphed into a different team.
Yet no one really saw it. 
Not until they were able to knock off the defending champs, the Frecon Alliance.
It was a game Frecon didn’t want to lose, not just because it would put the out of the playoffs and destroy their hopes of repeating as champions, but simply because it was a loss to Bahama Rock.
“That was the hardest kind of beating to take,” said one of the players from?Frecon after the loss.
It was that game that should have warned the others that Bahama Rock had become a different team.
However, the number one seed in the league, the Shipyard Wreckers, did not take heed or learned from the beating that Frecon received. They took Bahama Rock for granted and like Frecon, paid a high price for it.
The Excavators defeated the Wreckers on Sunday past to advance to the championship.
Bahama Rock will face the ISS Marines in the championship for a bid to hoist this year’s championship trophy.
The Marines, a new team made up of players from other teams was still a surprise contender to the championship this season. 
The Marines had begun the season with a lot of hype, but had their share of failings, having lost to the Wreckers and the Police Enforcers.
But the Marines were able to come back on Sunday to beat the Police 40-7, which seemed more like payback than anything else. 
For the Marines, it was the sweetest kind of payback.
The biggest question is, can Bahama Rock, who bumped off two of the biggest contenders to make it to the championship, take revenge on the ISS Marines to take the championship title?
While Bahama Rock has a lot to prove, the Marines are battling for pride sake. 
There can be no denying that the ISS Marines are a proud group of guys and if they were boastful before they made it to the championship, one can only imagine how they are going to be when the championship game begins on Sunday.
To make matters “worse” for the Marines is the fact that not only are they battling for the male championship, but their female team, the Lady Marines have also made it to the championship.
The Lady Marines, like their male counterparts, had a tough regular season, but by the time the playoffs came around, the Lady Marines were on a different level. They were out for blood.
With a big win over the Piranhas on Sunday, the Lady Marines, a new team to the league, will be playing for a shot at their first championship.
The Lady Marines will take on the top seeded team in the female division, the Lady Enforcers, the female police team.
Only able to beat the Enforcers once during the regular season, the Lady Marines will have their hands full, against a police team that has a lot to prove.
For the Marines, their plan is to take both the male and female title and then throw a party out of this world.
It all sounds nice, but there will be no party plans until the final whistle is blown on Sunday.
But the Lady and the ISS Marines know that when it comes to this game of flag football, anything can happen on any given Sunday. 
Just ask Frecon, the Destroyers and the Wreckers.

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