Bears smother Oilers 6-0 in Flag Football action

Game 1 - Container Port Piranhas (2-1-0) 31, MLM Assassins (0-2-0) 6

What is Piranha football?

It's execution, it' s watching the play, it' s making the adjustment and itâ s putting points on the board. In this case it' s 31 points. The Piranhas seemed to be getting into stride early in the season. With their second straight win the momentum is building. Behind great defensive plays by #21 T. Simmons and a budding offensive grouping, these ladies made fish food of the MLM Assassins.

The Assassins have some work to do, if they want to get a win soon ... they may fall into a funk. Sometimes going back to basics can work out in a teamâ s favor. I'm not saying that they need to, but they should try something other than what they seem to be doing now.

Game 2 - ISS Marines (2-1-0) 20, Police Enforcers (1-2-0) 13

After a loss last week, the ISS Marines came back determined to take advantage of every opportunity this week to ensure a win. In a game where the Marines trailed the Police Enforcers until the last few minutes, they seemed to be looking at another loss. But defence wins games and a late INT gave ISS Marines the opportunity they needed to make a game winning drive.

The end result proved that it is never over until it is over!

ISS marines came away the winners in this match-up this weekend. The Police Enforcers left many of the fans wondering what happened to the team that gave such a stellar performance the weekend before.

Game 3 - Bahama Rock Excavators (2-1-0) 16, Container Port stackers (0-2-0) 7

Bahama Rock Excavators took it to the Container Port Stackers and showed them no brotherly love. I guess with both teams coming from past fishing hole road this was a match-up to see who was the better team from the west and the excavators prevailed this weekend. Container port Stackers were able to score and get the PAT but they need at least two more scores to defeat the Excavators who all but buried them. Can Bahama Rock defeat teams that appear to be struggling?


Can they defeat an established team with a winning record?

That won' t be determined for at least another two weeks. The Container Port stackers on the other hand seem only to be stacking losses for right now.

Game 4 - Phluid Phactory Bears (1-1-0) 6, BORCO Oilers (0-2-0) 0

For some teams it takes a lot longer than others to get their first win. he Phluid Phactory Bears were no exception, after 3 years in the league they were able to secure their first win ever. It was game of defense as they were able to hold the BORCO Oilers to 0 points.

This young team is showing signs of being a force within the league but they have to score big points if they want to beat teams but defense counts for a lot and if they can keep getting INTs like they did this weekend, they will always stay in the game.

Game 5 - Zorbas Destroyers (0-0-0) 8, GB Shipyard Wreckers (2-1-0) 0

This is the game that would have generated the most facebook comments over the last week. Some had the GB Shipyard Wreckers shutting out Zorbas Destroyers but I guess the presence of the Zorbas Sponsor proved to be the motivation they needed.

In probably the most even match-up in the league both teams can boast of offense and defensive weaponry capable of changing the game at any time. This time though, it would be Destroyers over Wreckers with the Destroyers scoring first leaving the Wreckers only wishing that they were able to score this weekend.

This weekendsâ match-up proved to be a glimpse of what the late season action is going to look like when it comes down to win or go home.

Game 6 - Lady Enforcers (3-0-0) 13, B&B Galaxy Shockers (0-2-0) 0

The Lady Enforcers literally hit the ground running this weekend against the B&B Galaxy Shockers and racked up 13 points off of the running game. The Shockers are also a team playing well but they have yet to really gel as a team.

The QB can throw and the RB can definitely accumulate yards once she gets to the outside but they have to put all aspects of the game together if they plan to win nay games.

The Lady Enforcers are now the team to beat in the female division as the remain the only unbeaten team with a QB now showing signs that she can throw the ball they could just go all the way.

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