'Put Up or Shut Up’

by: Andrew Coakley, Sports Editor

For all those guys who love trash talking on the court during games of pick-up basketball, the time has come for them to “put up, or shut up.”
The Derek “Bookie” Nesbitt NBA Style Basketball League is here and according to Director of Activities at the YMCA, Terry Wildgoose, the league is one that will put to the test everything these guys brag about while playing pick up games in the gym or on the outside courts.
“We wanted to give these guys a chance to not just talk it, but to play the game and let people really see how good they claim to be,” said Wildgoose in an interview with The Freeport News.
“We want these players to be involved in more constructive games and not just games where they bicker and argue all the time.”
The League, which is being conducted by the YMCA, will be open to 12th graders, college players and other out-of school players who are under the age of 23-years.
The League is expected to begin play this Saturday at the YMCA gym, and will play every Saturday, Tuesday and Thursdays and the league will run until August.
According to WIldgoose, there are six teams thus far in the league, three in the East (the Nets, the Bucks and the Pistons and three teams in the West (the Warriors, the Kings and the Suns).
“We are in the process of seeking another two sponsors for this league, because we want all of the players to be properly uniformed and have an identity,” said Wildgoose.
How will this differ from the Commercial League?  According to Wildgoose, unlike the Commercial League where there is really no age limit or where players must work for their respective commercial league team, this league will feature players no older than 23 years of age.
Another unique aspect about this league is the fact that an actual Draft was held to select players for each team.
In fact, there were nine rounds of the Draft before the final teams were selected.
“In this league, we will also allow teams to draft more players once they don’t have more than 12 on a team,” explained Wildgoose.
“Teams will also be allowed to trade players in the middle of the season.  We do not want to take away from the Commercial league, because we would like to see it stay the way it is now.  
“We want the Commercial League to be totally separate from this new league.”
Once the League gets started this Saturday, in July, the league will hold an All-Star night, with a slam dunk contest, three-point contest, a celebrity game and a legend’s game, which will feature a retired ex veteran ball player, a female player and a present college player, and a game between the east and the west.
Wildgoose said that they are also in the process of trying to put together two female teams to be a part of this new league.
“We want to be able to have the entire community be involved in playing the sport of basketball, and so we will also try and put together a chuch league,” added Wildgoose.
The YMCA Activities Director says that the players are excited about the new league and they are anxious to get on the court to prove their abilities.

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