‘Moon’ continues to train stars

by: Andrew Coakley, Sports Editor

Coach Gladstone “Moon” McPhee has one request of the kids who want to participate in his HOYTES Basketball Program - that they have only big dreams.
For a man who barely stands a little over five feet tall, it’s a request that seemingly comes straight from coach Moon’s heart.
“Don’t be afraid to dream big because you have what it takes to make those dreams come true,” coach McPhee told the kids at the regular Saturday morning basketball program on the park that has been named in his honour.
“Moon” has seen over and over how dreams can come true, not just for him, but for many of the kids who have gone through his program.
With his own daughter, Yolette McPhee-McCuin, recently being named head coach of the women’s basketball team in Jacksonville University and with so many boys and girls pursued by coaches from abroad, McPhee has seen his fair share of fulfilled dreams to give him the guts to stand behind his motto and his one rule for those now entering the HOYTES program.
On Saturday “Moon” once again urged the kids in the program to not look down on themselves, but to believe in themselves.
“It gives me a good feeling when I see kids come into this program, go through the program and then go on to make something of themselves as a result of this HOYTES program,” McPhee told the kids on?Saturday morning.
“Such is the case this morning, because I have three young men here who are not only basketball savvy, but who are academically inclined and who have reached another stage in their lives, the college stage.”
“Moon” was talking about Buddy Hield, Lynden Davis Jr. and Oral Jones, all of whom are presently making a name for themselves on the college basketball circuit and all of whom were present on Saturday morning at the Gladstone McPhee basketball park.
“I’m glad that they are here today because I want to tell them as I’m telling you that all you need to do is give yourself the opportunity to be what you want to be,” said McPhee.  
“Hard work is what it takes and these three young men have put in the hard work, beginning right here in this HOYTES program and right here on this court.  The sky is the limit, if these guys can do it, so can you.”
“Moon” was also excited about Saturday morning’s session because present at the session was Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. Daniel Johnson, who wanted to get a first hand look at the famous HOYTES basketball program.
The Minister encouraged the kids to take advantage of the HOYTES program and use it to enhance their skills and help to prepare them for the future ahead.  
He noted that represented on the ball park Saturday morning were the past, present and future of the sport of basketball.
“Coach McPhee represents the past, with all of his experience, these three young men who are college ball players and who have come through this program, represents the present and you youngsters who are in the program now represent the future of the sport,” said Minister Johnson.

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