Hawks sweep Commercial League; now look to take on Nassau

by: Andrew Coakley, Sports Editor

Fans may have wanted the championship series to go on a little bit longer, or right down to the wire, but the Ironman Hawks had other plans.

Stacked with a talented group of players, the Hawks swept the Container Port Stackers to win the 2013 YMCA Commercial League Basketball Championship on Tuesday night at the YMCA.

The Hawks finished with a score of 96 to beat the Stackersâ 93 points to win game two and take the series.

" It was a good series although it ended quickly, but thatâ s because there are some pretty good players on the Hawks' team," said Coordinator of the YMCA Commercial League, Terry Wildgoose.

" You're looking at players like Scott Forbes, Franco Miller, Quinton Hall and Marco Cooper, to name a few. So, when these guys end up on one team, you can bet that it's going to be a fight to try and beat them." 

The might of the Hawks will be put to the test even further when the Cybots out of Nassau, the champions of the Government Basketball Departmental Basketball League come to town next week.

The Cybots will be coming to play the Commercial League Champions in a friendly match-up.

According to Wildgoose, the 2013 Commercial League Season was a good one, with seven strong teams playing in the league.

He did admit that it was a challenge when it came to the discipline aspect of the league.

" We had a lot of crying and taunting of the referee going on and I think that we may take the route next season of asking a few players not to return next season,"  said Wildgoose.

" These players were constantly complaining and whining. There is no perfection anywhere and the officials have a job to do and it's a very tedious one and like any human, they make mistakes. Just like we have bad coaching, bad players, there may be times when officials make bad calls.

" What's so sad is to see how many ball players and coaches don't know the rules of the game.

" So, that's another area we have to look at, hosting some clinics for next year." 

Wildgoose said that the league constantly looks to putting officials in the position of making themselves better through clinics and programs.

" We have such a limited pool of which to choose from when it comes to selecting officials,"  said Wildgoose.

" I would hope that some of those players who complain all the time would change roles and become an official, because they seem to think that they can do a better job in calling the game instead of playing it.

" So, I'm gonna approach some of them and ask them if they want to become a referee." 

Overall, Wildgoose said that the YMCA wants to design a competitive league of teams of players from various companies within the community, but they do not want to have a situation where players walk out of the gym complaining about the officiating.

Having the team from Nassau come down to play is another step Wildgoose said the League will be taking in order to expand the league and to take the game to the next level.

" This was something that I always wanted to do,"  said Wildgoose. "Watson and I have been talking for the past two years now and this time we're gonna make it come true.

" I always felt that one of the greatest desires of any championship team is to want to beat up on teams from Nassau.

" So, this time we're gonna make it a reality to have this team come down and take on our Commercial League champions.

" This gives the players an extra boost and it helps them to take their game to the next level.

" The level of basketball has been so high in Grand Bahama for so long that we took it for granted that it would always be that way.

" But back then, it took hard work, good coaching, commitment and I don't see that now, so of course we can't have the same results." 

However, Wildgoose said that with the great team in the Ironman Hawks, that level of play is returning and so heâ s looking forward to having the team from Nassau come to town to play the Hawks.

He said that it will become an annual event, where the winners of the Commercial League in Grand Bahama will play the champions out of Nassau.

" We want to go a step further,"  said Wildgoose.

" Hopefully, we will be looking to go into Bimini and Abaco next year. Hopefully, it will not stop. My desire is to have the Commercial League on four or five Family Islands and then alternate islands where the championships are held.

" It is my opinion that many of the Family Island teams are more geared towards the Commecial League than a night league. My goal is not to compete with the night league, but I owe the YMCA that whatever I do to take it to the next level." 

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