Happy Mother’s Day

by: Margaritta Munroe

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our mothers. Let us honor the ones we have and cherish the memories of the ones we have lost. Let us never grow weary of our adoration towards them, for it is because of them that we are here today. 

Have you ever sat back and wondered what would have happened if your mother had decided that she did not want to have you? Well ...there would be no you! Isn’t that something? Just one decision and ‘bam’ there you are or there you are not. 

But truly and honestly, mothers are to be celebrated. Just consider the process of childbirth with the dangers and complications of delivery. I remember one of my grandmother’s old sayings that says, ‘when a woman is giving birth, it’s like having one foot in the grave.’ I also remember another that says to a new mother, ‘be careful with yourself because you’re still on straw bed.’ These might be a little humorous, but the message is clear; a mother’s life is literally on the line and virtually in danger when she is in the process of childbirth. 

It was because of her love. 

I loved my mother dearly and there was nothing I would not have done for her. There was one time that a Thanksgiving luncheon was being held for the elderly, but my mother was incapacitated and was not able to attend. She loved those type of outings and was very disappointed and I recognized it. Therefore, the following weekend I decided to bring Thanksgiving to my mother. I fixed a full course thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings and desserts for my mother. She was gleaming from ear to ear and I was totally gratified. 

So during this time of honoring mothers, do not neglect to do your part. No matter what your relationship might presently be with your mother, celebrate her, honor her, do your part toward her if only for the sole purpose that she brought you into this world. Love her, respect her, celebrate her and honor her. Trust me, when she is not here anymore, you will wish that you could see her again. 

God Bless all of our mothers. 

Published Thursday, May 8, 2014

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