Grant demands response from Stellar Waste CEO

by: Staff Writer - Published Thursday, December 10, 2015

Member of Parliament for Central Grand Bahama, Neko Grant, yesterday demanded a response from Stellar Waste chief executive officer, regarding recent remarks as it relates to certain MPs requesting, “very small” contributions.

“Mr. Speaker, When I was elected to this Honorable place for the first time on August 19, 1992, my then Pastor the late Rev. Dr. George L. Cumberbatch wrote me a congratulatory letter; in part it stated; “Dear Neko, You have been elected to a position of responsibility. Your task is an awesome one. You need not run with the pack; Eagles fly alone.”

Sir, I am guided by those powerful words. Mr. Speaker,

I found the statements attributed to Stellar Waste to Energy CEO Dr. Fabrizio Zanaboni on page A3 of the Nassau Guardian November 26, 2015 Edition. Headline Stellar’s CEO was asked for ‘very small’ contributions from PLP, FNM MPs; highly offensive.

Mr. Speaker, For the benefit of this House, my dear constituents, family members, friends, and Bahamians in general.

I, Neko Carlson Grant I, Member of Parliament for Central Grand Bahama, a Member of this Honorable House of Assembly for 23 consecutive years, the longest serving FNM MP in the party’s history do not know Dr. Fabrizio Zanaboni, nor have I ever spoken to him in my life. I have never communicated in any way with him, so it is impossible for me to have requested a ‘very small’ contribution from him.

It is unacceptable that a guest in this country, through his utterances seek to tarnish the reputation of all MPs in this Honorable House of Assembly. I demand that he disclose the names of all FNM and PLP Members of Parliament that requested a ‘very small’ contribution from him.

Further Mr. Speaker, His words, ‘I spend enough money and I don’t want to be taken for a fool again, I said show me and then there will be benefits, but at the tail end you don’t want to know’

Mr. Speaker, These words seem to suggest that he has bribed Bahamian Public Officials and this action requires an investigation by the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

Dr, Fabrizio Zanaboni should not be allowed to come in to this country and smear the good names of the Honorable Members of this Honorable House of Assembly. He must be made to substantiate his claims.”


Published  Thursday, December 10, 2015


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