In recent years, the Haitian elements in the country with unbridled demonstrations have been showing Bahamians what national patriotism is all about.

The born-Haitians and those with strong roots, although of Bahamian birth, come together as one on their national day and they put many Bahamians to shame. The Haitians have upstaged Bahamians generally and the complaint has been that they are brazen to project their nationality so passionately in another country.

Well, we can debate that issue.

The point we make here though is about the passion they display in being Haitians and the devotion to Haiti.

Bahamians like the extra day off from work. Others have a great love for yet another occasion to party. A smaller percentage sees our Independence Day, primarily, as one to be proud of our heritage.

We implore readers to seize the moment this time like never before.

When July unfolds this time around, be prepared to celebrate the Bahamian spirit on the 10th day!

Rave about the wonderful country we have, one so grand that although the Haitians celebrate their nation with glee, they exist here in a manner that enables them to function much better than they could in Haiti. Thatâ s the big plus factor Bahamians have. The Haitians are fortunate to be able to live and benefit from things and circumstances totally Bahamian.

They should be forever grateful.

However, Bahamians should be thankful about being so blessed. The

Bahamas is the greatest little country on Godâ s earth. We should act that way. Firstly, we should be mindful to give thanks to Him on that day. Then, Bahamians across the length and breath of this sparkling archipelago should display their national pride to the utmost.

National agencies, Corporate Grand Bahama and churches should lead the way.

Decorate the buildings, inside and outside!

Display the Bahamian flag on buildings and on homes and on vehicles!

The Ministry of Grand Bahama has a major plan for Independent celebrations. We support the ministryâ s program. We suggest also that the ministry include every community in Grand Bahama, from east to west.

This year marks 42 annums of being on our own, disconnected from the colonial trappings. Itâ s truly remarkable that just a mere six years after the advent of Majority Rule in 1967, our leaders at the time, got Great Britain to agree that, yes, the Colony called The Bahamas Islands, had earned the right to be an independent nation.

We are thankful to those men and women who paved the way. Some ended up opposing each other politically. Nevertheless it was that early unified group that laid the foundation for what the Haitians and others share with Bahamians today.

So, letâ s celebrate our special period, highlighted by the historical day, July 10!

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