The Progressive Liberal Party, under the leadership of Prime Minister Perry Christie often gets criticized for dragging out issues. The information that came to light during a plea agreement in the United States, relating to the alleged bribery of a Bahamian who was closely associated with the Bahamas Electricity Corporation, rests at the feet of the present Christie Government.

This is true even though the alleged bribery (in the amount of reportedly $330,000) is said to have happened during the previous Hubert Ingraham administration with an FNM appointed board in place. The chairman of the BEC Board at the time was J. Barrie Farrington. A company recommended to Ingrahamâ s Cabinet by the BEC Board was not approved.

The late Vincent Dâ Aguilar resigned over the matter. Farrington has publicly lamented the bad image the country has gotten since the news regarding the French Company Alstom SA came to light. Certainly the Christie administration should officially get to the bottom of the issue.

However, as is often the case with our recent central administrations, issues get pushed around and later buried. Promises of investigations and subsequent reports are made. However, the reports are hardly ever tabled.

Itâ s sounding as though the PLPâ s own Chairman Bradley Roberts, doesnâ t think there will ever be a report on the BEC/Alstom SA issue.

Roberts has always been quite an outspoken individual. As a parliamentarian he carried many political battles alone, on the floor of the House of Assembly. The fact that the PLPâ s chairman has to go public to agitate for a full investigation, amounts to an indictment of his party.

Clearly, the urgency that he is demonstrating, is not felt by others in the party,

To him there are multiple issues that should be dealt with. He refers to the bribery money and also generators bought that have been problematic.

â The bigger issue was the cost to BEC of those two generators (Alstom SA reportedly secured) in maintenance, and repairs to those engines that constantly break down that challenge BEC after all these years up to the present time.

â The Bahamian people really need to know the extent to which the taxpayers had to carry that burden after a decision was made to buy one generator, which was compounded when they bought the identical generator later on, and the same problem that occurred with the second generator, has occurred with the first one and both (problems) continue today,⠝ Roberts was quoted recently.

He obviously is pained enough by the situation to go public with his request for a committee to investigate BEC. In essence, he has upstaged the government.

Roberts says the public needs to know the full details of the aforementioned.

We agree.

Perhaps Robertsâ party will now be spurred to act.

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