Dear Editor,

My Bahamaland is such a beautiful place but the blood of our children soaks our magnificent sand. The tropical breeze is filled with screams and emergency vehicles going past, we were once easy going people but now we want to live fast

My people have out-lived physical slavery but in reality they still have slave mentality.We say we want a better Bahamaland but we hide when it's time to take a stand. They give us the same politricks, many accept them because they want to buy new kicks, I once read that people are the government and we hold all the chips.We have a dysfunctional psychological mind-set, we gangbang for drugs and our set, I am my brother's keeper but I will shoot you if you take another step. What has happened to my peaceful getaway, now I just want to get away out, I am Bahamian and proud no doubt. I am from the 242 but we have many that are afraid to visit the Capitol because they may be robbed by a crew. This is my Bahamaland and so it is also yours, so let's take a stand and demand change. The future of our nation is dying, soon none will remain.

~Vincent Gibson Jr.

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