There are those of the Progressive Liberal Party family who are upset with Marco City Member of Parliament Gregory Moss. Of course, there is a political-support type who would frown on any disagreement expressed about decisions made by a PLP Government.

In the past, politicians of the ilk of the late Preston Albury and Oscar Johnson disagreed with party policies and spoke out in disagreement in the House of Assembly. For them, it was never a case of wanting to leave the PLP, more of being men and speaking their conscience.

Moss seems to be of the same political mind set. He is in a position to be a political trailblazer of sorts. In the case of Albury and Johnson to go against the PLP party at the time was a political death wish. The PLP party was so strong and cemented in the minds of Bahamians that those who dared to speak and offer different views found that their political status diminished considerably.

Moss is in a different era.

There are quite a bit of PLPs, new ones, and a few old ones,who are disturbed at some of the decisions and the no-decisions of this government. Moss has dared to express his positions. He has walked the party line to a degree but has crossed it at times.

What he has going for him is that he is not perceived as being bitter. Now, he has reason to be bitter. His ouster from the position of National Insurance Board Chairman was interesting.

He was not guilty of any wrongdoing but he was canned. He might be a bit bitter. But, one gets the feeling that if he was still chairman of NIB, he would be a bit of a maverick, somewhat like Tall Pines Mem ber of Parliament Leslie Miller.

In the meantime, Moss's political market value increases when another party publicly welcomes him. It is doubtful that he will leave the PLP. Now, the PLP might ostracised him and not give him a nomination when 2017 rolls around.

Otherwise though, he will remain a PLP, with a voice that seeks to prick the conscience of his party.

This is a refreshing element in Bahamian politics.

Moss has said that he intends to offer his services in the Marco City Constituency again in 2017.

The constituents will determine whether they are satisfied with his style of politics.

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