There is a common view among older members of the Free National Movement family that following the interesting circumstances surrounding the 1987 general elections that the FNM was poised to defeat the progressive Liberal Party and Sir Lynden Pindling.

The crowds at the FNM rallies were electrifying in comparison to the environment in the PLP camp. The lead-up campaign momentum seemed in favor of the FNM for sure. The voting came out differently though. There are those who were sure that â something happened⠝ that was not detected to enable the PLP to secure a fifth consecutive term in office.

So, they felt the table was set and no matter who led the FNM into the 1992 general elections, whenever Sir Lynden called it, would carry the FNM party to victory.

It happened to be Ingraham, the PLP Cabinet member fired by Sir Lynden who emerged as FNM leader after Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield fell ill. then, it was the man termed â Delivery Boy⠝ by Sir Lynden who ended up defeating his political mentor in August of 1992.

Subsequently, Ingraham led the FNM to a successive victory in 1997 and another in 2007. The three FNM governments were led by Ingraham.

What does the post-Ingraham era hold for the FNM? thatâ s the question FNMs are pondering these days. Some are resigned to a 10-year period of adjustment and are thinking beyond the 2017 general elections. they donâ t think Dr. Hubert Minnis can get it done. The Ingraham impact has been particularly dynamic.

If the PLP Government under second term Prime Minister perry Christie implodes, Dr. Minnis could end up being successful. If the country gets further into an economic recovery, it will be tough for Dr. Minnis and the FNM.

There is an option Dr. Minnis has though. he could appeal to Ingraham to join him in the campaign run through The Bahamas. If Dr. Minnis and Ingraham go around the country holding hands high together as one, something positive could happen.

Will Dr. Minnisâ pride get in the way?

Is Ingraham interested?

Al Gore, as it turned out might have been better off embracing Bill Clinton rather than distancing himself from him when he went up against George W. Bush.

Dr. Minnis is in a similar situation. If he and Ingraham embrace, the FNM family would be galvanized.

Who knows that would happen then?

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