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From space astronomers have crowned The Bahamas as the most picturesque location on the planet Earth and these islands welcome all for a close up view and experience of paradise and perfection. The Bahamian culture is a rich array of food, music and movement, artistry and pride. This article unveils how to maximize your enjoyment of the natural and manmade treasures of The Bahamas.


1. Allocate time to luxuriating on the dazzling white-sand beaches. The Bahamas is blessed with warm weather year round and sparkling cascades of blue water accelerating towards white sands bejewelled with shells and you would want to partake of a sunrise, a sunset and a full moon amidst this landscape with a bikini or boxers and a super-sized towel.

2. Experiment with the delightful variety of conch dishes. Conch is a divine delicacy that exists in abundance in The Bahamas and can be prepared as conch salad, grilled conch, cracked conch, conch fritters, stewed conch, steamed conch and conch chowder.

3. Make sure your schedule accommodates a fire dancer performance and a Junkanoo performance. Junkanoo is the signature cultural expression of The Bahamas and involves colourful costumes, beautiful rhythmic Bahamian people and intoxicating music and fire dance performances intertwine fire and hot choreography.

4. Find your preferred way of interacting with the vast array of marine life. There are aquariums such as Atlantis on Paradise Island as well as glass bottom boats and scuba diving expeditions to view coral reefs and the multitudinous aquatic jewels.

5. Be prepared to dance the night away and see how low can you go as you limbo. The Caribbean is home to all sorts of flavorful music including reggae, reggaeton, soca, calypso and rake and scrape and you should be ready to indulge in a few cocktails and shake your tail.

6. Celebrate existence, life and love amongst a deeply reverent populace. The Bahamas is a Christian nation although people of many faiths reside within the archipelago and a deep spiritual connection to the divine is cultivated, appreciated and celebrated.

7. Enjoy a massage and pampering at an exotic spa. All senses can escape to an oasis beyond paradise as you look and feel your best amidst nature at its best.


Remember that wise people often say that itâ s not where you go, itâ s who you are with so even though Bahamians are the most friendly and loving people around you may want to bring sand to the beach and travel with family and friends.

Be sure to have a digital camera to capture your special moments in photos and videos even though your experience is guaranteed to be a positively unforgettable one.

Remember sunscreen and sunglasses and tropical attire as The Bahamas is a destination of substantially warm weather.

Consider your preferred accommodations from amongst the options of hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, timesharing and renting a guest house.

Decide in advance whether you want to rent a car, utilize taxi services or patronize the tour buses.


Be careful not to consume excessive amounts of alcohol nor to do anything that would diminish your capacity to keep yourself and your possessions safe.

Find a cost-efficient way to keep in touch with your loved ones back home.

~ Destini Celesta

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