Itâ s been two weeks since her passing, but the tears still flow from family members, former students and colleagues, because long-time educator Sandra Edgecombe is no longer around.

The tributes continue to pour in and veteran educator/civil servant Cecil Thompson will be leading a grand celebration of the life of Edgecombe on Friday. Thompson has announced the plans and it is quite fitting that there is such a concentration on recognizing the worth of Edgecombe on this earth.

Perhaps in death, Edgecombe will be able to achieve something truly important to this nation. The attention being paid to her should be a solemn reminder that we must do so for all who work tirelessly for a better country. The gentleman, Thompson, who is coordinating the home-going parade for Edgecombe, has been largely under appreciated.

Nevertheless, he pushes on.

The parade will begin in Freeport at the Save-Mor Drugs Pharmacy location at 9 a.m. on Friday. Marching bands, inclusive of one from the Eight Mile Rock High School will pace the parade.

In retirement, Thompson has embarked upon another career. He is driving the initiative to honor contributors to the development of Grand Bahama. Through education, Edgecombe was certainly one of the great pillars of our society.

There are so many who have valiantly given years to fostering positive programs, projects and organizations in Grand Bahama. Thompson is the appropriate person to undertake the task of looking into all sectors of society to spotlight those who have made a significant difference.

Quite frankly, he seems to have too much still left for full retirement to claim him. The Ministry of Grand Bahama would do well to provide Thompson and others the solid financial base to continue lifting up those Grand Bahamians who persevered and delivered for the island.

The great Educator Sandra Edgecombe was one of them.

There are many others.

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