Dear Editor,

One of the national dailies have reported that the two Cubans recently released from Fox Hill Corrections facility are now residing and working in the United States. If this is in fact true then the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration is duty bound to explain several important details relative to his public statements about them.

Firstly, the public is still waiting to hear the Ministerâ s explanation for seeking to have the men released into the general population in November and then branding them a national security threat approximately three months later once they won their freedom.

Secondly, Minister Mitchell claimed that he had corresponded with U.S. officials about the possibility of the U.S. accepting them, which they declined to do. The clear insinuation was that the refusal was based on their alleged criminal records in the U.S. Did the Minister in fact have documented conversations and or communications with the U.S. Government about the Cubans and got definitive word that the Americans were unwilling to accept the Cubans into the United States? Furthermore, can he provide documented evidence that the Cubans were convicted of serious crimes in the United States? It appears that they are not seen as national security threats by U.S. officials.

Thirdly does Minister Mitchell have evidence that either or both men were members of Cubaâ s military as he appeared to contend when making the case of how dangerous they were?

Both Dr. Hubert Minnis and our shadow spokesperson on Immigration matters Mr. Hubert Chipman have consistently been firm on the FNMâ s commitment to protect the sovereignty of The Bahamas and the integrity of our borders. We will not alter this position! However, in the course of discharging our duties FNM Parliamentarians will not mislead the Parliament. The question being asked by many is did Minister Mitchell mislead the Bahamian Parliament in his assertions about the Cubans and his communications with our U.S. ally to the North?

~ Senator Michael Pintard

National Chairman of the

Official Opposition

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