Chickens come home to roost

by: Published Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Former National Security Minister Tommy Turnquest was criticized often by the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) during the Free National Movement (FNM) governance years of 2007-2012.

He was lambasted. They said he was out of his depth and not fit for the extremely important national office. The truth be told, the crime problem was too monumental for Turnuest. It was too great for any one person. Crime was then, before and certainly now, a national problem which should be faced collectively by government, political opposition, Christian and community leaders.

The chickens have come home to roost.

Just as Turnquest was berated, the same is happening to PLP National Security Minister Dr. Bernard Nottage.

He was high and mighty those few months just after his party recaptured the government from the FNM in 2012. He indicated at the time that the government through his ministry had a grip on crime. This was not the case at all then. He was boastful but very soon was to be frustrated as the criminals turned up their efforts.

So here we are today.

In New Providence, one day, two men walk up to two others and gun them down. One died on the spot the other remains close to death in the hospital. The very next day, a home invasion results in a young man gunned to death while sleeping. Yet, a day later, in broad light, with shoppers in goodly numbers at a food store on a main thoroughfare, a gunman held up a cashier, took money and escaped.

The criminals have no fear, seemingly, in our capital island.

It isnâ t fashionable any longer for PLPs to point the 'crime blame'  finger at the FNM. Turnquest is a distant memory and no longer relevant in the current political arena. The PLP can't blame him. It should never be about seeking to blame crime on any person or group.

Crime is the nation's problem. Hopefully, the FNM will begin to see the light and refrain from doing as did the PLP, leading up to 2012 general elections. The blame game that worked for the PLP won't be digested by voters this time. Generally, the voters are on the lookout for greater maturity and politicians with solutions.

This is an ideal opportunity for opposition politicians. This is the time to come up with options, with ideas to stem the flow of the negative issues. We need leaders of substance to come forth.

Anyone can say 'you're wrong.'

We need those politicians who can tell us what to do to make matters 'right' again in this country.

Enough of the finger pointing!

Let's all decide to focus on nation building. Such a mindset is imperative at this moment in time.

Published Wednesday, September 2, 2015

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