The satellites airlines in the country are doing a tremendous job, collectively. They are complimenting the national air carrier Bahamasair, wonderfully well. Thousands of Bahamians who have the ongoing need to move between the islands and in particular, to and from the capital New Providence and Grand Bahama, are afforded the avenues through air corridors.

There is a caveat though.

Despite the great demand that the likes of Sky Bahamas, Western Air, Pineapple Air and Le-Air are meeting admirably, it is still essential for common courtesy to be extended at all times to the passengers. The air service is not provided freely. The tickets must be purchased as a rule.

We feel the need to advise the satellite airlines to impress upon their employees to think first of the safety of the passengers, but importantly as well about their comfort and also the need to be genuinely apologetic and courteous when the time comes and the passengers are inconvenienced due to an airline fault.

A case in point occurred over the weekend when Sky Bahamas Flight 470 was delayed. Passengers checking in were told that the adjusted schedule of departure for the 5:30 p.m. flight was 8:30 p.m. There was no explanation as to the cause of the delay and a request to speak with the person in charge was not successful. The response was that â Mr. Wilchcombe is on the ramp.⠝ He was on the ramp and was not going to accommodate a paying passenger. That was the clear impression, gotten.

The situation was left at that and no explanation was given for the delay. It seemed like the â take it or leave⠝ approach was the order of the day for Sky Bahamas on that occasion. Sure, the travel itinerary (plane ticket) listed the conditions of travel in very small print and yes it informed that the ticket was non-transferable and non-refundable.

These are the times, so different than yesteryear. Once ago airlines gladly worked together to accommodate passengers. Not any longer it seems.

Take the situation as it is, â or do⠝ the next best thing seems to be the position of some airline employees.

Letâ s think about this for a moment.

When a passenger is informed that a flight to Freeport is going to be delayed for three hours, there is nothing wrong at all with going to great length to show that despite a scheduling difficulty efforts are being made to address the inconvenience.

Sometimes, just an explanation or a voucher to purchase a snack or a beverage while waiting would go a long way towards embellishing the image of an airline. Once ago, this was the kind of courtesy airline passengers received.

Sadly, today, that seems to be a dying culture.

We pay tribute to those many airline workers who, on a daily basis, go several extra miles to deliver courtesy and quality service. To the others, we suggest that just a bit of common courtesy and explanations about inordinate flight delays would be kind of nice.

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