Spring Break 2013: Destination GBI

by: Nathaniel Lewis

The parties, the nightlife, the women and a great time are all the things and more visitors can expect on the island of Grand Bahama for Spring Break 2013.

Mega student vacation travel agent, and once again brought the party crowd from North America to their main host, Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Hotel on the sub-tropical paradise island of Grand Bahama Island, for a fun-filled week of sandy beaches, hot weather and entertainment.

Among this yearâ s highlights included a boat ride to Barbary Beach, a booze cruise and a beach party excursion.

Among the larger groups of students that chose Grand Bahama as their destination of choice is Ohio State University, Virginia Tech and University of Kentucky.

Spring breaker Jeremy from Ohio State University commented,  "I really like Grand Bahama. It' s a great place and a great situation to be in.

" There' s lots of people from my hometown, Ohio, who are here so itâ s a fun time. All of the staff are really welcoming.

" We talked to people from Studentcity and they have a great deal to come here so I decided this would be a great place for me to go to,"  he added.

" They have like everything. They have it all, they really do. (Grand Bahama) has great nightlife, good times during the day so I wanted to come to that." 

Another spring breaker from University of Georgia, noted about Grand Bahama â It has beautiful beaches, beautiful women; my best friends are all here and we just want to enjoy this Natural, God-given environment together. Weâ ve been having a great time! Weâ ve been having such a good time!⠝

"The days have been great, the bartenders have been great, the people all over The Bahamas are great, weâ ve just been having one heck of a time."

General Manager of Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach hotel, Guillermo LaChapelle, commented on Spring Beak 2013 and expressed his excitement about the numbers for this yearâ s season.

"Spring break this year has been successful. I think the groups are coming in very good. They are enjoying the island. This is a very, very important season for our property because of the occupancy and the revenue,"  he said.

He did note that transportation and an overflow of guests may have caused some delays in guests getting settled on the island but it brought about an opportunity for other hotels and the local economy to benefit.

"Unfortunately, they have some concerns about the transportation. We had to cancel 50 80 rooms because it was impossible for them to come on property, but today we have another booking." 

"That means we are giving the opportunity to other properties to be a part of our revenue because we are sending out 25 rooms to Royal Islander Hotel. We provide transportation back and forth for them to spend the day and night here on property." 

Overall, LaChapelle said he was very pleased with the numbers for spring break this year and would like to say to tourists around the world â take into consideration, Grand Bahama Island."

" Not only does the island offer the beach, the service, the friendly people on the island, more importantly, one thing our destination has is the safety."

"There is no destination around the world safer than Grand Bahama Island. This market that everyone knows is coming for drinks, to be on the beach, running and having fun they are totally safe on the island." 

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