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by: Dr. Pamula Mills - Published Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Dear Dr. Pam,


I am a manager of a government department and I think I do a great job in keeping things in check.  However, there is one employee who is constantly late for work.  I have spoken to him on numerous occasions and have even given him a written warning.  His behaviour has not changed.  I don’t know what else to do.  I have heard that he has a problem taking instructions from a woman.  I am hoping you can help me.

Need Help


Dear Need Help,

Your situation is not isolated.  This is the cry of many supervisors, in the public and private sectors.  As this is the beginning of a new year, you are presented with a fresh opportunity to reestablish the rules. Call a meeting of all employees, thank them for all of the efforts put forth last year, and assure them that you would like to enhance the quality of service this year.  Foster a sense of appreciation for all having employment in these difficult times and reinforce the importance of continued services.   

It does not matter his preference of gender for supervisor, all employees need to respect the “chair.”  If rules continue to be breached, follow the guidelines for correction and leave it there.  Just do it!!

Dr. Pam


Dear Dr. Pam,

Thank you for your suggestion of making goals and setting objectives.  I want to tell the reading public my story.  Last year, using the strategy that you proposed, I lost 50 pounds.  It was not an easy feat, but the key was in setting small measurable steps (objectives), that I could follow.  As I completed each objective, I marked it off and proceeded to the next.  It really worked!!  This year, I plan to organize my house the same way.

Slimmer and Loving It


Dear Slimmer and Loving It,

Wow!  What a story.  Thanks for sharing.  Work on keeping the weight off as you continue to share your story.  The message here is clear and anyone can do it.  I have also discovered some things are better when you have a partner.  Happy trails.

Dr. Pam



1. Laugh every day.  Cry when you need to.

2. Count your blessings in two’s.

3. Take a risk.  Do something you always wanted to do.

4. Smell a flower.  Watch The Ant.

5. Never forget to say, “thank you.”

6. Write your footprints in the cement; the sand may wash them away.


Point to Ponder: Your greatest competitor is you. 


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Published  Wednesday, February 1, 2017 


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