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Enemies of the State

Author' s note: This article was first published on August 27, 2012. Since then, some of the objectionable actions by those who are referred to as â Enemies of the state⠝ have considera ...

Cinco De Mayo Part 2

On Wednesday I introduced you to the basics of Mexican cuisine as we prepare to celebrate Mexican culture here at Flying Fish this Sunday for the Cinco De Mayo festival. Our Supper Club event will br ...

A day just for mum

This coming Sunday is one of the days of the year the restaurant industry both loves and hates. Mother’s day is one of the top three days of the year in our business along with New Year’s ...

The Pet's Corner

Ok listen up folks! Its Parvo time again. Every day, for the past three weeks, we have been receiving calls and visits from puppy owners saying that their pup or young dog is off his or her food and ...

Spreadable cold butter?

Anyone who knows me knows of my great love of all things butter. Butter is one of the world’s greatest inventions (or rather, discoveries). There is pretty much nothing that doesn’t taste ...

The storms of Life

" Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass ... It's about learning to dance in the rain."  - Vivian Greene

During the past few weeks, here in The Bahamas, we have been experiencing many ...


Dear Readers,

My father, the late Bonefish Sam Ellis, KING OF THE SNAPPER HOLE and others, such as Isreal â Bonefish Folley⠝ Rolle, were some of the greatest ambassadors this country has ...

Heat stroke

It is summertime!  Great time for outdoor fun; beach going, walks to the park and long jogs with your best canine friend.  But beware, these summer days here in the Bahamas are HOT HOT HOT ...

The Enemies of the state

• Author’s note: This article was first published on August 27, 2012.  Since then, some of the objectionable actions by those who are referred to as “Enemies of the state” ...

The law of tradition

Every country, society, community or family is laced with some type of tradition. In fact it is these traditions that’re manufacturing certain types of events in that particular group or family ...

The end of tourism

On July 1 of this year, the government of The Bahamas decided it was going to drop a bomb on the tourist sector.  Without any lead time, prior knowledge or transparency even between different gov ...

God spouse, and then children

Dear Dr. Pam,
Is a significant other (a relationship), needed for a fulfilling life experience; this includes marriage, children, a nuclear family, etc?

Dear H.R.,
Life is usually an individual ...

Law and Justice for our own

I observed with much interest how many persons here in The Bahamas responded with much outrage to the verdict handed down this past weekend, in the high profile case of George Zimmerman, in Sanford Fl ...

Bright back food to food TV

It was in 1993 that I decided that being a chef was a good idea. I was working as a baker in a small donut shop and wanted to do something else, something more creative.  
It was also the same ye ...

Whose fool are you?

Fool ...  Such an ugly word, a word with a definite negative connotation; an insult!
A fool is defined as a silly or stupid person; a person who lacks judgment or sense  or a person who has ...

Who is fooling who?

Dear Readers,
I have always been told that “I can sell things;” meaning that I can make a good sales person.  
In fact, I have been told that I have a selling personality, when being ...


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Crying wolf over BEC blackouts

Dear Editor,

BEC Executive Chairman Leslie Miller says there may finally be an end to the blackouts that have plagued all areas of New Providence for weeks now.

According to Miller, a damaged generato ...

Scapegoating women

Dear Editor,

It is interesting that the authorities have sought to argue that women are the weaker link. They do not deserve the equal right to pass on their citizenship to their husbands and their ch ...

What the future holds for Dr. Andre Rollins

Dear Editor,

The most popular politician in The Bahamas today is estranged Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) MP Dr. Andre Rollins. If Rollins was looking to achieve his 15 seconds of fame by openly defy ...

Than that other party must be Ash and Cinder

Dear Editor,

The Headline in The Tribune on Thursday, 21st August 2014 read " PLP MELTDOWN⠝ in bright yellow" ...or was it gold?

In the mind of The Tribune's News Editor (or Managing Editor o ...

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