Stay in your lane

Dear Readers,


Judge Karen has a way of reminding people who come into her court room, to “stay in their lane.”  This is her way of helping people to keep boundaries in their li ...

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Snap election not supported

Dear Editor,


Tall Pines MP Leslie Miller’s suggestion that Prime Minister Perry Christie should call a snap election in either June or July lends the impression that he isn’t confid ...

Bachelors need not apply

Dear Editor,


In early December, renowned South Floridian radio personality Joyce Kaufman and a female guest on her 850 WFTL afternoon show discussed the unlikelihood of South Carolina Senator L ...

Happy New Year!

If you are reading this column today, praise God you made it over to 2016, Happy New Year!

It is customary for us to say, “Happy New Year!” to persons when we see them for the first time a ...

Murder she wrote

Dear Editor,


In 2005, I initiated a talk on ZNS Television entitled “Stop the Slaughter, Silence the Violence, Save Our Children.”

The murder rate that year was in the low 70s and t ...

Bank or Kiosk?

Dear Editor, 


On a recent visit to Scotia Bank of Canada, in The Bahamas, after a long wait, in a very long line called the queue for the simple purpose of banking the money that I made fr ...

Just Do It!

I was inspired to write this article today because of a conversation I had with a friend this week.

There are so many people with great aspirations, contemplating stepping out in faith, starting a new ...

Take a turn with self

Dear Readers,


Many of you would recall playing childhood games such as, hopscotch; jump rope and marbles, where everyone waited his/her turn to compete.  All it meant was everyone deserved ...

Are you ready for Christmas?

“In those days a decree went out from Emperor Augustus that all the world should be registered. This was the first registration and was taken while Quirinius was governor of Syria. All went to t ...

Are you a team player?

A team may be defined as a group of persons organized to work together on a particular venture or two or more persons working together towards a common goal.

In life we are all a part of a team or var ...

Embracing changes

Dear Readers, 


In today’s world, change has become the status quo.  To survive, both professionally and emotionally, you have to learn how to respond when change happens to you.


Hand shaking is a nasty habit

Dear Editor,


As the Christmas season fast approaches, after Thanksgiving, one is fascinated how many people, who would not normally shake hands, do so with more people than before, and more fre ...

My brother, the Bahamian icon

Dear Editor,


While I have commended you for historical - sports memorabilia, I personally have felt the omission of one person, my brother Michael Robert Moss. 

Since he is not likely to b ...


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Spring Break 2013: Destination GBI

The parties, the nightlife, the women and a great time are all the things and more visitors can expect on the island of Grand Bahama for Spring Break 2013.

Mega student vacation travel agent, StudentC ...

Enemies of the State

Author' s note: This article was first published on August 27, 2012. Since then, some of the objectionable actions by those who are referred to as â Enemies of the state⠝ have considera ...

Cinco De Mayo Part 2

On Wednesday I introduced you to the basics of Mexican cuisine as we prepare to celebrate Mexican culture here at Flying Fish this Sunday for the Cinco De Mayo festival. Our Supper Club event will br ...


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The economy in Grand Bahama is still dismal in many quarters.

There are some positive signs in truth, but generally much has to be done via investments, marketing and a general heightening of th ...

The Government of The Bahamas, through the Ministry of Environment, has officially designated the expansion of park areas in Grand Bahama. The livelihood and lifestyle of residents in the East ...

Chickens come home to roost

Former National Security Minister Tommy Turnquest was criticized often by the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) during the Free National Movement (FNM) governance years of 2007-2012.

He was lambasted. T ...

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