Women with issues 2014 reflections

by: Pastor Peter and Evangelist Shantell Evans

Women with Issues 2014 Conference began with a bang on Tuesday April 8, as the presence of the Lord richly encompassed His house. An open heaven was declared as women of various denominations, background, and socio-economic stance opened their mouths and birthed forth a sound of praise that only the spirit of God could have delivered. Lady Margaret Mullings and Enid Roberts of Mt. Calvary Baptist and Wholeman Christian Ministries were handpicked women whom God Himself chose and anointed to minister.

Lady Mullings ministered on the topic: Using life's experience to become a budding author. Her practical use of common household objects, along with her testimony made it very easy for her audience to relate. She used a hammer to demonstrate how God would sometimes use the trials of life to beat out some the arrogance that lay dormant within many of us. This is often vital, because when we become broken, we fall to the ground. The ground is symbolic of the threshing floor where God meets the shattered and contrite of spirit. While we often don't want to experience the lowly states of life, we should embrace it because thatâ s where we gain inspiration and birth forth into ministry.

As the night drew further, the state of worship ushered our featured speaker, Lady Roberts to the stage. The cervix of her spiritual uterus gradually opened to give birth to the word God had implanted in her. In her synopsis she noted that the Holy Spirit was present to teach all the art of forgiveness. Her audience was walked through the scriptures which revealed Godâ s love for humanity and how throughout the Bible we are taught how to forgive.

We bless God for the opportunity to impart knowledge into His people and it is our prayer that at the end of the conference more and more women and men would be willing to forgive regardless.

If this word has been a blessing, write and let us know at Lighthouse International is located 10 Oak Street in the two-story building opposite Dolly Madison. For prayer or counselling contact 439-3825, 442-0771 or 373-1219.

Published  Thursday, April 10, 2014

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