Maurice Moore Teacher Terminated

by: Nina Laing, FN Reporter

Teacher calls the Ministry's directives "vicious" and "vindictive"
A Maurice Moore teacher who taught at the school for 14 years says she was "disengaged"  Thursday morning because of her involvement in the ongoing conflict between The Bahamas Union of Teachers (BUT) and the Ministry of Education.
Senior Trained Teacher Anne DeCarvalho said she was "vocal"  in meetings between the BUT and education officials concerning the primary school's principal and, as a result, was served walking papers shortly after reporting for work Thursday morning.
DeCarvalho, a permanent resident originally from Trinidad and Tobago, has been an educator in The Bahamas since 1989.
Now, 24 years later, the science teacher is unemployed at the end of the first week of classes.
While the Ministry of Education has the right to terminate whomever it pleases, DeCarvalho explained that expatriates are typically given a month's notice before termination or termination letters are distributed to teachers at the end of the academic year, if necessary.
However, DeCarvalho said her service disengagement letter, which was dated Monday, September 2, 2013, but received on Thursday, September 5, 2013, was made effective immediately.
DeCarvalho said the Ministry of Education's decision to terminate her at this time in the academic year is a clear display of victimization that has rendered her virtually unemployable in the country.
"I can't work in The Bahamas except as a teacher,"  she said.
" What they have done is precluded me from getting another job.
"They have fired me in the middle of the school year. Most schools have employed their people.
"Just as the Ministry of Education wants a full complement of teachers when school starts" "so do most schools, not just in The Bahamas but anywhere in the world,"  DeCarvalho said.
Her disengagement comes after having invested thousands of dollars into her students through purchasing educational and decorative items for her classroom and a number of books for the children.
To further complicate matters, DeCarvalho said that at the time of her termination, she was not given any gratuity or severance pay.
"I have dependents, I have bills, I don't know if my creditors are going to see me, I have to see them because they themselves are going to be wondering, " How is she going to make her commitments."I don't know what I'm going to do,"  DeCarvalho said.
Yet, she is not disheartened about losing her job.
She said she is only "heartbroken"  that after fighting for better programs for Maurice Moore students that education officials decided the only solution to the problem was to remove her from the institution.
DeCarvalho, allegedly, was not the only educator moved from the school.
On Tuesday, two teachers and a guidance counselor were served transfer letters. Since that time, the three have started their jobs at their new locations.
In their place, recent college graduates have been added to the Maurice Moore teaching staff, this according to an educator who wished to remain anonymous.
This educator said the switch was strategically set in motion by the Ministry.
"They are fresh out of (The College of the Bahamas) and the reality is, they are not confirmed. Anything the Ministry says, they have to take it.
"Until you've been confirmed by the Ministry of Education, you have nothing to say. If they move you after you've decorated your classes "then you have to go,"  she said.
The educator went on to say, " The Ministry doesn't want a fight.
"They want to calm the school down. They don't want to calm the school down by getting rid of the problem.
"They want to get rid of the supposed problem. So they prefer to transfer and fire four as opposed to getting rid of the one who has a track record of being a problem." 
According to DeCarvalho, the transferred educators were all individuals who were frontrunners in calling for improved conditions at Maurice Moore.
The disgruntled teachers have had several meetings with BUT and education officials and though these officials have promised to "work with"  the teachers, DeCarvalho said they have instead dispersed the teachers in what, she said, is a move to quash their efforts.
"It leaves you with the impression that no matter how hard you work, no matter how committed and dedicated you are "if the Ministry says so, just be quiet. I didn't realize that The Bahamas was a place where you couldn't voice your opinion,"  DeCarvalho said.
" This is to silence anybody who is going to be vocal. This is also a target against the union. It's a war with the union. (The Ministry of Education) is saying, "We are doing it and the union cannot do anything." Now teachers are going to be afraid to speak out. They are going to be afraid to have any action because they realize now that the Ministry in their zest and their zeal to show their authority and their power is going to be moving teachers." 
DeCarvalho called the latest directives from the Ministry of Education "vicious"  and "vindictive." 
DeCarvalho maintained that every move she has made amid the controversy at the school was to see better programs implemented for the improvement of the students.
"It's not that you're protesting against bad services for the teacher or protesting against the classroom. You are protesting because the programs that are supposed to be for the betterment of the children are being squashed,"  she said.
DeCarvalho said she is disappointed that amid the conflict at the primary school, Education Minister Jerome Fitzgerald never sat and spoke with the teachers personally to access the situation, yet has made authoritative remarks concerning the matter.
She said that she has dedicated "the best years"  of her life to educating Bahamian children and though she may have lost her job in the process of "fighting"  for quality education, DeCarvalho said given the chance to do it over, she would not change a thing.
" I would be very disappointed in myself if I had sat back and allowed the principal to just not care about the children, not care about the programs, not care about the schools. I had tried to be quiet for a long time, but I would be disappointed if I didn't say anything. If this is the consequence of speaking out, so be it,"  she said.
DeCarvalho said she would encourage more teachers to be brave and speak out against the conditions at the school.
She said that though four voices can be silenced, it is far more difficult to quiet an entire teaching staff.
"With everything else we have succeeded in getting in history, it has always been a group effort. People have to stand up. The Ministry of Education cannot transfer every single teacher who decides to stand up, but they can pick off the one or two,"  she said.
DeCarvalho added that government school teachers nationwide ought to take note of what is happening at Maurice Moore.
She claimed that the issue is not a localized one, but it is something that can happen at any school where there may be a conflict.
"At this time in history, the Ministry of Education is not sympathetic and compassionate to the needs of the students and the teachers,"  DeCarvalho said.
"This, what the Ministry is doing, everybody should feel affected by this. It means that if anything happens in your school today, tomorrow, in the future, you are going to be silenced. If you allow the union to be degraded and not have the power, then you can forget it."

D9UC4 posted on: Thursday, October 09, 2014 6:25 PM


WOW!! I am extremely disappointed in the Ministries actions! I just moved from the U.S.A. with GREAT hopes of teaching our Bahamian children. It is NEVER the students, it is ALWAYS the jealous, vicious and vindictive adults. I NEVER experienced this type of treatment from my employers in the U.S. If there was ever a problem, it was handled in a professional manner! Colleges and friends from the U.S. would know and say first hand that the teacher was let go because she was talented and deemed a threat by those in power! The powerful ALWAYS have dirty hands in situation like this. The Creator is going to punish the leaders of the Bahamas for not treating their teachers kindly and not having compassion on them!! The EXCELLENT teachers are educating the NATION! NO teacher in the Bahamas should have ANY fear of what the Ministry will or will not do to them because of what that teacher is trying to contribute to the betterment of the students and the school. What a SHAME! Stop being BLACK crabs!! Help build the nation!! Set an example to the world and let other teachers of other nation ENVY the way the Bahamian teachers are treated, and that is with REPECT, COMPASSION, UNDERSTANDING, and FEARNESS. The Creator is watching and taking note. The Bahamian Educational leaders will for sure have to pay back for the ill, unfear treatment of many of their educators. I am very ashamed and disappointed about this.

Timothy newbold posted on: Saturday, August 09, 2014 2:31 AM


As a student mrs. Decarvalho had imparted alot in my life i hated
Science but got to like it Minister if she had done anything wrong im
Sure it could have been handle differently.

B King posted on: Tuesday, December 31, 2013 9:44 AM


Caricom it does matter about Massey article( people can have a lot of philosophers talking it does matter ) the reality is the Government is wrong for this teacher and if this pass trhru any other can suffer the same does matter expat or bahamian its a question of princilple and law you sign a contract and you as an employee should fullfil it and as an employer you have to do the same there is no excuse ... what the ministry is doing is wrong and he is surpassing the law of the land ...and as i said today, is an expat tomorrow could be a bahamian ... this is ridiculous ... and i read bellow the voucher machine is broken for 3 months can't process the payment ? well sould be for the teachers only, because i did not have knowledge the government did not get paid ...( salaries goes to the bank direct) of course ... any way my point is government sould fullfil and honor the contract the teacher and let the woman go after 24 years educating here .... and for us bahamians we should be watching closely because this can happen to us ... no matter who is in power .... we have to watch our backs ... this is a shame in the country ....

Caricom posted on: Sunday, December 22, 2013 3:21 PM


For those who ask the question ... What is wrong with the system in the Bahamas? Many of the writers have highlighted valid cracks. However, you can a better understanding of the situation; begin with a read of the April 2009 (Nassau, Bahamas) Ralph J. Massey's Article - "The learning Crisis: A Bahamian Public Policy Essay." I believe that Massey is (not that I think is should matter) a Bahamian ... and a very qualified one too!

M.JONHSON posted on: Wednesday, December 11, 2013 9:24 AM



K. KNOWLES posted on: Monday, December 09, 2013 9:21 AM



J ROLLE posted on: Friday, December 06, 2013 9:10 AM


I tell you what ..if was me i already sue the govenment for lack of fullfill their obligations court of law ...ridiculous... fired the person does matter if is expat or bahamian no decrimination on the matter ... and dont pay .... how the government think the people live from the air? and the most absolet and absurd is the goverment (ministry of education ) saying the voucher machine is broke for 3 months can't process vouchers ..what a bunch of .... unbelievable ... what country we have ... what kind of govenement officials we have .... this bad and then they will act surprised if the international laws fall into the country ..they don't care due next elections anothers come to power and the saga will continue.... SHAME SHAME SHAME ....

JK posted on: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 10:02 AM


Well well well .... to the woman no cry who wants to see expats contract ... that is ridiculous .... what violation you talking about ? if you hate so much expats ...please send all of them back to their countries and you will see what happen country in the world survive woithout expats ... you point me one who does not have .... back to the teacher ... i dont think is crime a violation asking for better for the children that you talking ..yes they suffer with all the incompetents at the government and does not matter if PLP or FNM no one is looking deep to the problem ..yes the teacher raise her voice not for asking for salarie upgrade but for better for the children , she raise the voice because many bahamians don't care as long they get paid she raise the voice because she was feed up with the incompetence of a principal who is a dictator .. i dont believe this teacher after 24 years teaching in the bahamas suddently is no good ...yes Sandra edgecombe and mildred roberts forge all and belinda and laroda could not keep up with it well they dont fire the guidance conselour because she is bahamian and also the other teacher because she is bahamian and all the 16 teachers who vote against the principal someone had to be a scape goat ..i tell you this "woman no cry " you shpould have some respect for the teachers not only for those who bend the and bow the heads and accept being slaved by the MOE.... but for all the teachers nation ..this teacher probably teach an bahamian which now is an engineer or laywer or else shown some respect.... the respect the MOE does not have and treathing the teachers cutting salaries when they have rights look at that .... you should look deep and analyse the education system is going nowhere or you pay for private or you dont get results ... aks to any teacher how much they spend a year to get the class room organized .. ask how many pencils books and chalks they buy for the children ... the MOE does not pay for that but they visit and say how nice is the class room .... what contract you talking about ..yeah the contract to bring someone to teach and after 24 years fired just because aks for better and for straighten up a person who is a dictator and does know what is doing ... well the MOE did and now just let the woman go and pay ... and for final let me tell you... perhaps you don't know the teacher you talking about contract ... she did on sundays on her free time.... teach people... adults bahamians to read and right free on her time so dont come talking about contract MOE just pay the woman and stay with the bad apples and may GOD BLESS THE COMMONWEALTH OF BAHAMAS

No woman no cry posted on: Thursday, November 21, 2013 11:33 PM


Every year some teacher will get their undies in a twist for one reason or another and it's our children that pay the ultimate price. Our children are used as the bargaining tool. If the MOE does not give them what they want, our children get no education until teachers are satisfied. God bless those dedicated teachers who refuse to USE OUR CHILDREN. When our Government hires an ex-patriot, there's always a contract and no expat will tell you what is contained in it. Therefore before we collectively crucify the government consider weather or not this individual's contract was violated or if termination was due to her violation of the contract?

R.M. posted on: Wednesday, November 20, 2013 10:01 AM


Well abusive is not the word a dictator suits a ignorant dictator ..but i don't blame her 100% because she is ignorante and she just want to be in power .. for those who remember she was before at Maurice Moore and was removed and now the ministry place her back and Sandra edgecombe a very good friend of her did not do anything to stop it knowing that the Roberts had problems with the teachers there and of course you play with the fire YES she is political everyone knows even insiders on the PLP have afraid of her ... so i don't get surprised of all of these the damage is done and will continue as long incompetents like her are in the system ..i balme the "deputies superintendents etc " of Jerome he does not know the reality and the underground or if he knows , he is playing dumb ... Roberts /edgecombs etc should retire get out of the system and give a fresh air to the education ..and don't come crying saying they dont have nothing to do with it ... Roberts is evil and the vengance is on her all time, the woman is bad seed ignorant and is only about her any one who has a different view of her view ... is done with her .... well i dont get surprised dictator do that to have the people down and tied , but most and foremost she don't respect the union and Q. laroda knows it because she has him on a leach ..... its bad when people place the color of party above the education children are not to be affected, but they are ... Yes is true the teacher decarvalho she raise the voice defending the education and what she got was a kick on the rear and out of the door Yes she is an expat wich Roberts hate her for that ... Yes she gave 23 years of her best and she was asking for better ..Roberts did like it and edgcombe in the side lines aplaude ....because ,edgcombe if she don't follow roberts she is out too ... well the power of the color .... Union can't do anything the fear is so great teachers are scared can people work in such environment ... are we in 1940's germany ? freedom let the people work free happy and free of evil ..JEROME open your eyes and clean the house ,give the teachers a chance to do what they do best educate the children ... Remember teaching is the most noble profession in the World without learning we are nothing ... May God bless the Bahamas ...Final note I have heard the Government did not pay a cent to the teacher yet ... That's bad ..real bad ...

posted on: Monday, November 18, 2013 8:06 PM


I've heard about this particular Principal. Apparently, most of the teachers think she is abusive and is not even qualified to serve in her position, but was appointed because of her affiliation with the governing party. This sort of nepotism and cronyism needs to stop. Ms. DeCarvalho is an excellent teacher who does not deserve to be treated this way. Minister Fitzgerald is going to wreck the educational system if he continues in this trend. Ms DeCarvalho is a qualified teacher whose main focus is to impart knowledge to our children. These people talk about "believing in Bahamians". Well this sort of behavior will only hurt the Bahamian children who they claim to "BELIEVE IN".

R B posted on: Monday, November 18, 2013 10:18 AM


Yeah pay the lady have and shown some respect for someone who educate the bahamians for 20 something years ... and shown some respect for all of the educators and their union , they are not modern slaves .... and get ride of edgecombs and robets and other bad apples you have there in the ministry they are the cause of all this turmoil ...clean your house ...

MJ posted on: Friday, November 15, 2013 10:26 AM



P williams posted on: Saturday, November 02, 2013 10:52 AM


First of all parents should not use the school as a babysitting class , there parents to have some good time leave the kids after hours at the school grounds , any way to anwers the person who wrote the teacher was married to the convicted pedophile , i have see a lot of anger and i see on the person as a personal issue with the teacher , i don't think the issue here is the teacher being married to the man in jail , for your knowledge the teacher was spareted /divorced when the issue happen , but any way the issue here is the way how the termination was carry out by the goverment and the attitude towards the teachers and the union, not the personal life of the teacher , and let me be clear and for the record i know the teacher and she never defend the man as matter of fact she was embaressed will all the situation , for being previously married to such person , there is no way to defend someone who comite those horrible acts i think you should not do personal attacks to someone who work more than 20 years in the eduction ,a lot of the her students today still praise her for her good worksounds to me that you are jealous of her accomplishments , and in your case its better to attack someone to cover your faults ..please open your heart and believe that hate cannot drive out hate ..only love can do that ....

STOPTHEWITCHES posted on: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 8:48 PM



posted on: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 7:04 PM


People seem to be forgetting that this teacher may be an awesome teacher (in some people's eyes), but she is also the teacher who defended her ex-husband, Mr. Birbal, after he was charged with molesting those boys from Eight Mile Rock High School. She defended him to the point that she got angry with the Union and wouldn't even speak to the AVP and told people that her good name is being ruined by the Bahamian people. She insisted that Birbal did not hurt those boys, but the courts felt otherwise. She defended a rapist--a man who hurt our boys, **OUR BAHAMIAN BOYS!**. I'm not saying that she deserves to be fired, but someone in an earlier post said that "what goes around, comes around"--Well, there you have it!

Where is the Leardership? posted on: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 11:43 AM


It's amazing! How things never change....So was the children of Isreal, so as the people of the Bahamas. Living in the promise land but never possessing the promise. No Moses or Joshua's...just the same old same old. Ex 32:9

G.B. posted on: Friday, October 11, 2013 6:09 PM


Mr. Minister of education just pay the teacher what the goverment owe to her now that you fired her her wages...and fired more of them and Bahamas will be in great shape with your policy ...stick with all the Edgecombes, Mildreds and some of the cancer of education just pay and have a wonderful Ministry ..and by the way bring your children back to Bahamas for enroll in your Education system since you are so certain that you are in the right path ... do it ....

A. Potter posted on: Thursday, September 19, 2013 8:59 AM


Mr. Kemp i agreed totaly with you Sir Mr. Christie should remove the Minister and not only the Minister he should clean the ministry of education deputies also , it's too political favoritism what we are assisting here at freeport , i go further is a nest of wasps , if you are from the wrong politocal color you are crashed can not and should not be like that , in this case the teacher who was terminated , i believe does not have any connections to any political color , but the principal and the director and the superintendent yes they are and of course they are apointed by the party any way it's bad for the country for the system such problem, in every nation there is always demandings and difent oinions we should respect and work it out seems to me the Minister is stuborn and does not open himself to dialogue prefer impose the power by force and threatning that is not democracy ,again i agree with you Mr. Kemp today is this teacher tomorrow another ones if they raise the voice they are condemn , we as a young country we can be acting like this , even when the labor board says what the minister did it's ilegal, i believe the minister is not in himself he is been advised and sorrounded by bad advisors, time to straighten the situation and let the eductors do their job go deep and reform the ministry of education absolutely the need is there get ride of the bad seeds who for years have been damaging the system ...

Miller Kemp posted on: Wednesday, September 18, 2013 2:27 PM


Well is time for Mr. Christie to open the eyes and remove the mInister of education , he is damaging the country education system more than is already damaged ... Mr. Christie do what you have to do replace Mr. Jerome he is an imcompetent , you cannot have such imcompetency in your goverment .. a person who does not open for dialogue , it's very bad , Bahamas should and is a democratic country not a dictatorship country . What image of BAHAMAS is he giving ? this subject has been a talk overseas this is bad , we can not progress with such people acting like dictators DEMOCRACY please .

R. S. Taylor posted on: Wednesday, September 18, 2013 9:45 AM


It is truly unfortunate the manner in which the current education administration is treating teacher. The approach use is a blatant form of victimization and bullying. Ironically, they are same group who state we need more teachers. Hence, I beg to question if we treat teachers like this, who in their right mind would chose to be subjected to this.
I commend the teachers for speaking up, and encourage others to voice concerns. Do not sit quietly while injustices prevail. Rather, I urge teachers to stand united, and advocate for the rights of teachers, to work in a safe,healthy (mentally, physically, and spiritually) environment.

Deon posted on: Monday, September 16, 2013 8:17 PM


What goes around comes around. Nothing lasts forever. Teachers of Maurice Moore, speak up for your colleague! Someday it will be one of you. You are the ones who put these politicians in power, not the other way around!

B K posted on: Monday, September 16, 2013 10:15 AM


The Minister should be ashame of himself ... how does he act if his own children which are studying out of the bahamas if they stand up for what they think was right and they get kick out ... well think about ...You (Jerome ) should be ashame why you have the kids studiyng out side the country .. You don't not believe in the Bahamas education ... Why you do not not bring the kids and place them under the reign of the despicable Mildred Roberts at Maurice Moore School .... well try it ... unbelievable you fired a teacher in not following the laws of the country, no notice ,no pay ,no gratuity , you are a dictator you don't know what you are doing you only lesson your sweetheart perhaps as ypu did when the transfering of the teacher from freeport primar people don't forget , you move 3 others, and the cancer stay ... can't cure like that ... the principal is the bad apple ,not the teachers ... Bahamas education is going down the river ... Jerome stop be a dictator look at yourself and what you doing there is no intimidation teachers ask for their rights .... stop being so political incorrect ... seat with the union and sort it out a real man in command .. you are messing with the education...
You are creating a bad image of a beutifal country leting down you party and the hopes and the trust of those ones who vote for your party .

JK posted on: Thursday, September 12, 2013 8:48 AM


man i agree with you there is calot of certified youg teachers no doubt about it my quetion to you bro .. have they the same experience right now to handle a class room with 30 or more ? they have to be together with a "old " teacher can't take a graduated from the college and and place immediately in the class room ..are you having the NERO'S concept! send the christians to the lions ... they need experience bro .. we are talking of teachers with 20 plus years ..yes we have to move on but with this Minister of Education and his deputies of freeport who make all this mess can't work ..he has the nerve to say don't talk because he does talk under intimidation ... man what a heck teachers intimidate him ..that is a joke ... he should think and seat with the union and sort this mess teachers need have a good environment to work when you place principals who are a disgrace to the system how can you work free and do your job proper enough is enough man .. i know the problem with freport MM is not just from now days come from long time and the deputy of director of eduction has been cover up and patching the situation ..if don't know bro .. how many pricipals MM has in the last few years ? man He the minister has to get ride of whom cause the problem not the teachers bro ... the people are paid big money to make this mess are still in power .. for what he need a deputy director who does not do a thing , just spend the time hugging kids and go to school eventes hugs are good but there is more than that the children need education need qualified teachers ..teachers who can bring this broken system upwqard but unfortinately the poilitical colors speak louder and is a shame the eductors pay the price and the children the future of a nation ... bro .. research and think i know your intention ois great to move on ... but there is things should be adressed and this is one of them if he is a real minister he should get ride of the those who are damaging the system and everyone knows but like i said political color speak louder .... is not firing a teacher and move 3 other or however that he solve the problem other voices will raise up the problem still there as far i know the teachers are asking for better support for do their job and that is not asking for too much but unfortunately the Minister is warning and saying he will cut all wages from the salaries if they dont work .. sure if i dont work i dont get paid but i man u=you as well if you dont have the tools you can't work .. i believe the teachers need to be united with their union and seat with this minister if he seat them ...
God Bless All& God bless the Commonwealth of The BAHAMAS

God Bless All& God bless the Commonwealth of The BAHAMAS " />

Get Right Bahamas posted on: Tuesday, September 10, 2013 9:24 PM


Do your jobs or get the hell out. plenty young people certified and ready and we in the 80's with them, lets move on man!

posted on: Monday, September 09, 2013 9:04 PM


I am so disappointed after reading this story on the web I can only pray for the Bahamas, Some years ago I had the privilege of working with Mrs. DeCarvalho she was ahead of her time. A very hard working and committed teacher, who goes overboard to help students in her school. Many times I witnessed her using hundreds of dollars out of her pocket to help less fortunate students or to buy supplies for her class, she was always a person who stood tall against injustice. It did not matter if it was to her, a fellow teacher or a janitress in the school, she spoke on behalf of them all. She was used in the school to train fellow colleagues on new programmes to strengthen the school system, a lover of people who gave her all. This is wrong. we call ourselves a free nation, people should be free to express their thoughts especially when it is on behalf of our Bahamian children. Heaven help us all.

Florida posted on: Monday, September 09, 2013 7:39 PM


Jerome and the cork law ...on the cinema of Bahamas.... welcome to the pee wee jay world ....

Atlanta posted on: Monday, September 09, 2013 3:54 PM


this have to be a joke, a big fat joke to know teacching in the Bahamas have come to this...

posted on: Monday, September 09, 2013 12:50 PM


"Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. "
"How long? Not long, because the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice."
Dear Minister of Education , above are 2 of the most memorable quotes of Dr. Martin Luther King
Think about it , think about what kind of behavior you have , think about the children , think about the future of bahamas ...
May GOD save your soul...and may GOD bless the children of bahamas .. and forgive him FATHER because he does know what he is doing... You are not messing with a teacher are messing with all the education system ... open your eyes brother let the light descend upon you ....

"How long? Not long, because the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice."
Dear Minister of Education , above are 2 of the most memorable quotes of Dr. Martin Luther King
Think about it , think about what kind of behavior you have , think about the children , think about the future of bahamas ...
May GOD save your soul...and may GOD bless the children of bahamas .. and forgive him FATHER because he does know what he is doing... You are not messing with a teacher are messing with all the education system ... open your eyes brother let the light descend upon you ...." />

J. LANCASTER posted on: Monday, September 09, 2013 8:48 AM


Mr.Ministry of "Education" Shame on you have the decency and talk get out of the office and shown your face ... these teachers deserve better they educate bahamas ....
shame on you ... what kind of education is bahamas getting if the responsable does not talk just hide ..face the reality and let the teachers voice themselves ... this is the future dont act like you own the world think about the children of bahamas ..shame on you ...For you is better shut the voices .... by fire the ones who want the better, i don't believe this lady after 24 years teaching is no good anymore ? and what is this fired without a warning without a pay ... you sound like donald trump fired ... you are out of your mind , you are are a joke ... well bahams should know already .. is not the first time you act like this .. remember freport primary a recent case ... well same law .. SHAME ON YOU .

shame on you ... what kind of education is bahamas getting if the responsable does not talk just hide ..face the reality and let the teachers voice themselves ... this is the future dont act like you own the world think about the children of bahamas ..shame on you ...For you is better shut the voices .... by fire the ones who want the better, i don't believe this lady after 24 years teaching is no good anymore ? and what is this fired without a warning without a pay ... you sound like donald trump fired ... you are out of your mind , you are are a joke ... well bahams should know already .. is not the first time you act like this .. remember freport primary a recent case ... well same law .. SHAME ON YOU . " />

bird watch posted on: Sunday, September 08, 2013 1:32 PM


Well sad for the education these trouble waters ...the minister of education is a sweetheart follower does not have a clue of what is going on,... Sandra edgecombe she is a political wimp no voice she knows exactly what and where is the problem but just follow the political color and watch her back no concern for the children education ...Maurice Moore principal she is a joke on the system promoted to principal by favors of Cecil Thompson human relation skills None zero self centered and does know how to handle ...well the union a joke in the system Belinda Wilson and laroda no power to defend the ones who educate the Bahamas children ..I can't believe the dismiss a teacher ho has a great teaching record move the good young generation to another place just because of egos ... well what is the future of the education ....sad sad terrible good luck minister of education your policy is a disaster the country deserve better...

posted on: Saturday, September 07, 2013 7:59 PM


once again this Gov has shown it doesn`t have what it takes to run a country and still treats ppl like animals but you get what you pay for in this case notting

posted on: Saturday, September 07, 2013 3:32 PM


Where is the teacher's union? All union members should walk out until this teacher is reinstated.

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