'Roc wit Doc'

by: Jaimie Smith, News Reporter - Published Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Dr. Hubert Minnis, Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM), told members of the House of Assembly (HOA) yesterday that he will not only enter the party’s convention, which is slated for next month, as the leader, but he will emerge as its leader.


Armed with the slogan, ‘Roc wit Doc’ Minnis declared that the Bahamian people are eager for a change and he, along with his political party intends to answer the call. 


“Mr. Speaker, We are now preparing for a convention. I will enter, as FNM Leader and I will emerge as FNM Leader. The Delegates will ‘Roc wit Doc.’ The young people will ‘Roc wit Doc.’ The Family Islands and the entire Bahamas will ‘Roc wit Doc.’”


Taking the hand of the Member of Parliament for East Grand Bahama, K. Peter Turnquest, and reaffirming their commitment to the party, Minnis acknowledged, “My Deputy will ‘Roc wit Doc.’


“I can see Mr. Speaker, You are prepared to ‘Roc wit Doc.’ The 5,000-plus babies that I have delivered and now are of voting age will ‘Roc wit Doc.’


“I say to them, my babies, my children, I’ve delivered you safely into this world, it’s time for you to deliver me and your country,” said Minnis. 


He noted during his 2016/2017 Budget communications in the HOA that he and his party are committed to a new and better Bahamas.


“I commit to labor unceasingly to ensure that under an FNM Government, we will focus and devote all the diverse and brilliant talents of our party and of Bahamians – young and old – to growing the economy, creating meaningful jobs and a more prosperous Bahamas; reducing the public debt, reducing poverty and growing a solid middle class.”


Minnis added that his party is committed to creating a safer, more educated and a more accountable Bahamas. 


“The PLP are now getting vex, vex, vex because they realize the Bahamian people have decided to reject them, to vote them out and get rid of them for good.  That is why they are trying to sully the good name of and bully Bahamians and decent FNMs,” Minnis maintained. “They have tried their best to detract us and stop our momentum, but they will fail. It won’t work! And, it ain’t long now.”


Minnis further pledged his commitment and assurance as FNM leader, “I wish to assure you, this Honorable House and the Bahamian public at large that our reason for being a political party in our Bahamas is to provide a scandal-free, accountable government throughout our term in office. We ask you to place your trust in us and we will honor that trust, and honor you, our Bahamian people.


“We will do the much important work to be done and address many of the problems caused or ignored by the PLP, during their time in government. We will fight to strengthen our economy, we will relentlessly attack the long simmering problem of crime and its root causes. We will rebuild our country’s ageing infrastructure and put in place social programs to aid Bahamians young and old, especially during difficult times. We promise and commit to always work on your behalf, and for the benefit of our children and the next generation,” said the Member of Parliament for Killarney.


He added that now is indeed the people’s time, a time for The Bahamas to ‘Roc wit Doc’ and the FNM. 


“Mr. Speaker, this great country of ours will again thrive.  We will thrive because we do what we say, we keep our promises, and we pick people over politics. 


“I invite all Bahamians to roll up your sleeves and come with me as we build a society of full employment, secure jobs, safe streets, good schools, adequate accessible and affordable health care, a social security net for the least able to care for themselves and a Bahamas marked by love of God and compassion for our fellow Bahamians.


“The last four years have been nothing but a long dark night of misery for the Bahamian people, but as the Bible declares, “Weeping endured for a night but joy comes in the morning,” said Minnis.


“Mr. Speaker, morning is dawning. The rising sun will break through the storm clouds and oh what a sunrise that will be. This sunrise will usher in a new and better Bahamas,” concluded Minnis. 


Published Tuesday, June 21, 2016


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