Police shooting…family to sue for $500,000

by: Nina Laing, FN Reporter

Family members of the man shot and killed by police 11 days ago say they intend to file a civil suit against the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

Melvin Grant, 33, was shot and killed by police on Friday, November 29, after they responded to a call of an a domestic dispute between a man and a woman. 

Upon arrival, police said they found his girlfriend, Felicity Rolle, bleeding “profusely” from a head wound. 

A press release issued shortly after the incident said, “Police responded and upon arrival at the residence saw a female bleeding profusely from the head. 

“A male was following the female with a knife in his hand and was ordered by the officer to drop the knife. He refused and charged towards the officer with the knife putting the officer in fear for his life. As a result the officer withdrew his service revolver, discharging it, hitting the male in the upper shoulder.”

However yesterday, lawyer for Grant’s family Osman Johnson told The Freeport News that the officer involved in the shooting can expect an “early Christmas gift” in the form of a civil suit.

Johnson said the officer was unjustified in killing Grant and the family intends to claim in excess of half a million dollars. 

Meanwhile, Rolle is retracting earlier statements she made to The Freeport News detailing the events of that fateful morning.

Rolle claimed that during her initial interview with The Freeport News she was under medication and denies she said Grant attempted to stab her.

“Melvin did not attack me with no knife. He did not,” Rolle said.

“He did hit me in my head with the iron, but he did not juck me with a knife. It was only a scrape. Mel never stab me with no knife.”

Rolle said she wanted to clarify the matter because she is upset with what she claims is a misrepresentation of events. 

The 32-year-old mother of two of Grant’s children also retracted claims that Grant charged toward an officer after refusing to drop the knife.

She said that it was dark and the officer stood outside the home causing Grant to become surprised by the voice. 

“He did not attack the officer. He was standing and he was wondering who it was talking. He never charged after the officer,” Rolle said.

“He was too stunned, he wanted to see who it was that’s why he was walking towards the police. That’s what it was. I don’t know where they got this stuff from.”

Rolle added that she is displeased with how the responding officer handled the altercation because there was no need to shoot Grant.

She said that she is skeptical of whether Grant was actually shot in the upper shoulder as was stated in a police report. 

If the officer truly believed that firing his service revolver was necessary, she said, he should have shot at an area of Grant’s body to maim him, not kill him.

“He shoot Mel at close range. He could’ve shot Mel in his foot or something,” Rolle said. 

“He didn’t have to shoot him. If he shoot him, he could’ve shoot him either in his hand or in his foot.” 

While speaking to The Freeport News, Rolle also denied a number of statements she previously made, as well as some that were made in an official police report.

“I was never in critical condition. They admit me for observation and that’s it,” she said, adding that she was discharged the following Saturday, November 30.

“My hand was never broken. My pinky finger was broken where I punched Mel in his nose. Me and him was fighting. He grab me up in my face and I grabbed him.”

Rolle said also sustained injuries to her head, legs, neck and back. 

She said the incident occurred early Friday morning after the pair returned to Grant’s residence on Queens Highway, West End. 

She said they both had been drinking, and Grant became violent after accusing her of cheating on him.

The pair became embroiled in a physical altercation but Rolle was able to get away from Grant for a time to telephone the police. 

According to a police report, police arrived at the residence some time after 1:37 a.m. and found Grant in possession of a knife. 

The report further states that Grant was ordered to drop the knife but refused and charged at an officer instead. 

The officer, “in fear for his life,” withdrew his service revolver and shot Grant in the upper shoulder. 

Rolle and Grant were taken to the Rand Memorial Hospital where Grant died sometime around 3:30am.

Rolle said that when the police questioned her following the incident she was incoherent.

“I was still a little dazed. They shouldn’t (have) questioned me when I was dazed,” she said.

Inspector Teracita Pinder said police are still investigating the incident and the matter has to go before the Coroner’s Court.

Pinder added that Rolle’s “precise” account of what occurred, which was published in The Freeport News on Saturday, November 30, is “exactly” what was reported by police. 

wisdom posted on: Tuesday, January 07, 2014 11:45 PM


Bahamian people always try bring one another down until its their family member get kill. Police not always right and ignoring people like you all will always be to the bottom. Everything envolving the police you all always jump on their side. The law is the wickest people on this the bible Thou shall not kill. I dnt care. Who ever think its right to kill then they dnt need to believe in nothing the bible say simple. Take you all mind out mental slavery and know who really our the good ones.

Warnings posted on: Thursday, December 12, 2013 3:48 PM


Warning to men that think it is OK to beat up their girlfriends: Someone might call the police. Police have guns and they shoot you. They don't try to wing you or shoot you in the foot. They job is serious business and they don't play. Warning to girlfriends that don't want their abusive boyfriends shoot by police: Don't call the police, call your boyfriend's mama.

posted on: Thursday, December 12, 2013 1:45 PM


bit--es just tryna make money easy! NEXT!!!!!

posted on: Thursday, December 12, 2013 12:56 AM


He Did hit her in the head with an iron. Niggas like that don't get any better. World is a better place. Ride or die mentality is how she get with a punk like that, unmarried with his two kids. Oh and the family's behavior shows the typical upbringing those kinds of guys have, someone to always defend their blatant shit.

FuturE posted on: Wednesday, December 11, 2013 9:40 AM


Sounds to me like the was well aware of what she was saying at the time now she probably being looked upon family members as a bad person and caused her boyfriends demise and wants to retract all statements and try to sue the force for assisting her. It's funny how she turns this story around in order to have a money making oppurtunity but, had the officers have never shown (as we all complain they dont) she wouldve been upset if her angry asailant continued to beat upon her, even worst have her sittin in the perpetual suit that following day. This is classic as to why police and citizens cannot get along. A Shoulder wound is a shot in which a person can be maimed, unfortunately the victim died but if the police were not involved there wouldbe been a community upset because they werent doing their jobs.

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