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Greenslade: Bain was strong, courageous, fiercely loyal man whose integrity was intact

by: Sharell Lockhart, FN News Reporter

Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade duly honored fallen, retired Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) Inspector Edison Bain, as his body laid in repose at the Gerald Bartlett Complex, Police Headquarters yesterday.

The late inspector described as a hero, was said to have left a legacy of excellence behind which all law enforcement officers have been urged to emulate.

According to Commissioner Greenslade, "We recently made a decision to bring our officers back home following their death.

" This means we will allow our fallen colleagues to lie in repose at police headquarters both in New Providence and Grand Bahama, which will provide RBPF officers an opportunity to view the body as well as members of the wider local community." 

Commissioner Greenslade noted that this is the first time such an act has been carried out and all the officers are in agreement that it is a remarkable honor.

" This is a historic decision and one we believe is most fitting to honor the work of our fallen officers, like Inspector Bain, who have dedicated their lives in service to The Bahamas and the people of this nation.

" For us in the RBPF, it is a mark of respect that aligns perfectly with our mantra to serve the people of The Bahamas with care, respect and trust.

" It also gives credence to the fact that we in the RBPF are a family and we intend to fully support the family of our fallen officers left behind.

" I state emphatically that we will never, ever forget the work done by Inspector Bain nor an other fallen officer that has worked diligently on behalf of the people of this country,"  said Commissioner Greenslade.

The late Inspector Bain spent his entire working life in service at the Royal Bahamas Police Force the commissioner noted saying he first recalled working with Inspector Bain when here was but a mere lad on the force.

" I would have first met Inspector Bain as a young constable working in the Central Police Station in Nassau, being no more than 18 years old and I can honestly tell you due to the fine example he has set officers like myself are able to walk in his legacy.

" A strong, courageous and fiercely loyal man whose integrity was intact, Inspector Bain was an excellent officer who would have been transferred to Grand Bahama from Nassau and he would have served this island and community very well throughout his career.

" Grand Bahama and the Northern Bahamas would have greatly benefitted from his expertise and is better place because of his work.

" Inspector Edison Bain was a hero,"  Commissioner Greenslade declared.

Sharing the commissioner's sentiments was Assistant Commissioner of Police Emrick Seymour who also described the late inspector as a man of honor and one of the finest police prosecutors this country has ever seen.

" I echo the sentiments expressed by Commissioner Greenslade as many of us has had the distinct pleasure of working with Inspector Bain in fact, I remember vividly he would have served in all of the major law enforcement divisions here on Grand Bahama.

" Most notably he would have been known for being one of our most outstanding prosecutors.

" He definitely would be remembered for being a mentor to all of us and it is a pleasure for us to conduct this time of honoring on his behalf and that of his family.

" As the commissioners has stated this is an unprecedented event as it is the first in the history of the RBPF that we have an esteemed colleague and mentor lie in repose and again we will continue in this vein to honor all our fallen hero who gave excellent service to the RBPF and the country at large,"  said ACP Seymour.

Throughout the day hundreds of officers young, old and retired representing all divisions of the law enforcement agency filed into the Compstat Room at the Gerald Bartlett Complex to pay respect to Inspector Bain and his family, even more persons from throughout the community stopped by to do the same.

According to Commissioner Greenslade, ACP Seymour and other members of the executive management team of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, Inspector Bain will be truly missed.

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