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Annual Ragged Island 'Back to the Rock' 2-day Fishing Tournament a huge success

by: Sharell Lockhart, News Reporter

Fifteen fishing enthusiasts participated in the 2014 ‘Back to the Rock’ Fishing Tournament in Duncan Town, Ragged Island, which began Thursday, July 10 through Friday, July 11.

Organized by Captain Gerad Moxey, fishermen from Ragged Island, Exuma, Eleuthera, New Providence and Grand Bahama competed in the two-day event in two categories; Most Bottom Fish and Most Red Snapper caught.

According to Capt. Moxey, “Ragged Island is the sailing capital of The Bahamas outside Exuma and Long Island but is it also the best place for sports fishing?

“One of the most anticipated events on this year’s Ragged Island Homecoming calendar is two-day fishing tournament and we are pleased to have a cross section of fishermen from the amateur to the professional participating.”

Competitors in the fishing tournament caught several types of bottom fish such a snappers, porgy, grunts, jacks and hogfish.

Ronald Munroe, Louis ‘King Fisher’ Pintard Jr., Captain Cephas Maycock Jr., Paul Moxey, Clyde Rolle, Jack Ferguson, Ernest Wallace, Wellington Sears, Neville McDonald, Captain Etienne Maycock, Alvin Munroe, John Cartwright, Mark McKenzie, Kara Davis and Toni Munroe all competed for bragging rights and prizes which included trophies, BTC cellphone and data cards, cash, an Igloo cooler and Acer Tablet.

On day one of the competition Louis ‘King Fisher’ Pintard Jr., Clyde Rolle and Captain Cephas Maycock Jr., took the top three spots using calamari and conch for bait and catching 44, 42 and 31 fish respectively.

Two hundred and thirty-six red snappers were caught on day two of the fishing tournament with Pintard Jr., Maycock Jr. and Ronald Munroe earning the top three placements.

Each of the winners wore a dazzling smile, none greater than Pintard Jr., who caught 59 red snappers and a total of 103 fish during the two-day competition.

He received the floating trophy for the fishing tournament, the Acer tablet and the Igloo cooler while the runners-up received their respective trophies and prizes.

Captain Moxey said he was grateful to all the participants and for the high level of sportsmanship shown by all and looks forward to next year’s event, which he believes will be bigger and better than ever.

“These fishermen have come out and done a fantastic job showing how rewarding fishing can be.

“I am most pleased with how well the two ladies Toni and Kara have done, as they have shown skill and proved that fishing is not only a sport for men.

“Additionally, I would like to thank visiting guests from Exuma, Eleuthera, New Providence and Grand Bahama for competing in this event and assure the public and all fishermen who wish to be a part of the tournament next year that even greater is on the horizon here in Ragged Island,” said Capt. Moxey. 

For more information about the 2014 Ragged Island Homecoming visit the Ragged Island Development Association Facebook page at .

• FN Reporter Sharell Lockhart was in Regged Island for the week of festivities, so look for additional features from Ragged Island in coming days.

Published  Wednesday, July 16, 2014 

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