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Grand Bahama introduced to ‘benefits of Telemedicine’

by: Sharell Lockhart, News Reporter - Published Friday, May 8, 2015

The Rotary Club of Lucaya in partnership with Global Offsite Care Inc. recently held a telemedicine conference at the Pelican Bay Resort with Rotary Club of Rancho Cotati past president and Sonoma State University Professor Mary Graves.

Global Offsite Care, a group of Rotarians and supporters who are enthusiastic about spreading the benefits of telemedicine worldwide, is doing its best to provide high quality care to the underserved using affordable technology.

“For the past three years I have brought students, who are members of Rotaract to The Bahamas and during our most recent visit (2014), the Rotaractors identified telemedicine as a project they would like to undertake in partnership with both the Rotary and Rotaract Clubs here.

“Thankfully, Rotary Club of Lucaya President Clifford Bowe has partnered with us to facilitate this venture bringing us here to conduct a demonstration on what is telemedicine, how it works and whether or not it would be of any use or value within the Grand Bahama community to Rotarians, Rotaractors and health care professionals.

“We recognize that as technology evolves, it becomes more and more practical to connect patients with medical specialists, who are not nearby and in fact may be in a distant country.

“Remote consults from medical specialists to local doctors can save lives and bring practical solutions to medical problems faced by patients no matter where they happen to live.

“Global Offsite Care Inc., partners with other Rotarian groups across the globe to connect with hospital facilities and provide telemedicine services as well as medical education through Grand Rounds and today, we have been welcomed by many in places like Haiti, Africa, India, The Bahamas and the Philippines. 

“We are finding that the services we provide have the potential to benefit so many patients receive expert care and collaborations especially through telemedicine, which has the potential to curb diseases, share experience and provide great care,” said Prof. Graves.

Renowned Grand Bahama Health Services (GBHS)/Rand Memorial Hospital (RMH) health care professionals Dr. Augustine Ohueyi, Dr. Winston Forbes and Dr. Frank Bartlett took advantage of the information provided by Prof. Graves and Dr. James K. Gude, who is the founder and medical director of OffSite Care, Inc. a telemedicine company and has developed a unique program that combines education, clinical consultation and EMR support through a partnership of non-profit and for profit entities that span the globe.

“During our project step up we have discovered that Dr. Ohueyi, Dr. Forbes and Dr. Bartlett are highly qualified telemedicine instructors and the Rand Memorial Hospital serves as a teaching hospital.

“And Dr. Gude and I are excited to have a few volunteers assist with the step up and teaching of telemedicine worldwide and look forward to Dr. Ohueyi, Dr. Forbes and Dr. Bartlett being added to that list.

“Over time with the successful implementation of telemedicine and the advancements set to take place within the Bahamas Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) and GBHS, Dr. Gude is hopeful Freeport would become a hub that teaches and sends out key information to other places within the Bahama Islands and around the world.

“Telemedicine sessions led by Dr. Gude include but are not limited to; Prostate Cancer, Addison’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Pediatric Pneumonia and Cirrhosis,” revealed Prof. Graves.

Elated with the successful partnership struck with Global Offsite Care Inc., the possibilities in health care education and medical advancements as a result of telemedicine in Freeport are endless Bowe declared.

The Rotary Club of Lucaya president urges the public to learn more about telemedicine noting that his organization remains committed to providing ‘service above self’ to the community and encourages those in the health care profession and Rotarians to visit for more information regarding its benefits.


Published Friday, May 8, 2015


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