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The Falcons Boysâ Club 10th Annual Conference brought together hundreds of fathers and their sons Friday at Tabernacle Baptist Church and Academy under the theme, â Fathers, We Must Do It Now!â

The Falcons Boysâ Club has for 19 years provided Grand Bahamaâ s youth with a comprehensive program that was designed to improve a boyâ s self-worth, confidence and self-discipline. The program has always used the teaching of basketball skills to introduce a strong lesson of life education, in addition to improving academic performance.

The Boysâ Club came about after pastor Darrin Rolle, Oswald Simmons and Kirkwood Young in 1997 after the three civic-minded individuals recognised the need for quality after-school programs in their community and noticing the exploding growth and popularity of basketball, decided to combine the two in the Falcons Boysâ Club.

Guest speaker Minister George Martin addressed those gathered by sharing the importance of a foundation.

â Fathers are the foundation of the family in our society, so many men and fathers are out of position. I urge you to get back in position â ¦ the foundation holds the house together, and if the foundation is found out of position everything else is out of order get back in position,⠝ Martin warned the fathers in attendance.

Martin said that the purpose of a father is to build, and a childâ s duty is simply to obey, but how can a child succeed if the father is not living the life they are supposed to live; how can we expect the children to. â Fathers were designed to lead, to train their children while Satin is trying to destroy,⠝ Martin added.

â Do not be afraid to stand up for Christ, be a light in this dark world,⠝ minister Martin said to the youngsters present.

The guest speaker encouraged the boys to follow the word of God, as it will make The Bahamas a better place.

Carla Brown-Roker, Youth Director for the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture in Grand Bahama began her remarks by saying, â Thank God for the men who started and have continued with this wonderful program for the past 19 years.⠝

Brown-Roker thanked the mentors for developing these young boysâ strong characters, discipline and determination on behalf of the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture. â Thousands of boys across Grand Bahama can say they have been mentored at the Falcons Boysâ Club,⠝ Brown-Roker stated.

The Youth Director asked those in attendance to imagine where the hundreds of boys who are part of the club would be every Saturday if, it was not for this excellent initiative.

In concluding, Brown-Roker confirmed the continued support of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture and encouraged every father throughout the Bahamas to step up and invest in their young boy.

Norris Bain, Tabernacle Baptist Academy principal thanked the many fathers who took the one and a half hours out of their busy schedules to show their child they have their back. â We as fathers have to spread the message to our brothers,⠝ Bain stated.

After congratulating the Falcon Boysâ Club mentors for their weekends in the presence of young boys that are not their flesh and blood, and the fathers who have stepped up and attended yesterdayâ s conference, he encouraged the Boysâ Club members to ensure they show respect and gratitude to these pillars of the community by accepting the path they are being led along.

In an interview with Rolle after the conference, he told The Freeport News he basically wants other schools to isolate boys, and girls, too.

The boys present at the conference all received phone cards and some also were given cellphones courtesy of BTC; Sky Bahamas flight tickets were presented to a number of attendees; and basketballs were donated to members of the Falcons Boysâ Club by a number of corporate sponsors, namely, Joaquin Missick, Ronald Woodside, Mark Bowleg, and Gerard Douglas.

â I am thankful just to see some of these children smile today, to see their fathers and grandfathers supporting them, and for the huge support we were given from the community to be able to stage this conference,⠝ Rolle concluded.

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