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Business makes donation to Beacon School

by: Ashley Penn, FN Reporter

Over 100 smiles of great appreciation beamed on the faces of the students at The Beacon School as businessman and CEO of Collaborative Consulting Group out of Miami, Florida; Sonless Martin donated school supplies to the eager pupils.

The business owner said he was pleased to give back to students whom he says serves as a reflection of himself.

" My parents are from The Bahamas and I was raised in Holmes Rock and I went off to school and came back and I think it's very important for you to move forward without letting go of the past and when I look at these kids, these kids are me. I feel like I have an obligation to go and give back to the kids,⠝ he said.

Martin went on to say, "This morning, this is something Iâ ve been doing for the past seven years, which is donating school supplies to the students of The Beacon School. I feel a sense of gratitude and appreciation. I love it and I do it every year and I'm going to continue doing this." 

School Principal, Miriam Sweeting also weighed in on the donation, as she expressed sincere thanks for the kind gesture.

" We're so grateful to Mr. Martin for these school supplies because we always use them and this is something he has pledged to do annually and we do appreciate that he is coming to give back, especially to our students with special needs,"  she said.

" We know during these tough economic times some of the parents arenâ t really able to give supplies or give as much as the child needs. So, we're really grateful and thankful for what he has done and continues to do,"  Sweeting continued.

She also highlighted the focus of the institution within her first term serving as principal.

" This year we want to focus on more skills and training for all of our students, especially our young men. Our population has about 75 80 percent males this year, so we really need to focus on something for them,"  Sweeting said.

The school's principal also made an appeal to the public to contribute to the school to improve technology to better assist the students.

" We have a lot of students now who are audio visual learners, so if there is anyone out there who would like to come in and donate computers to the school, DVD players, televisions or CD players, we would be very grateful, because we need these things for our program,"  she concluded.

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