Gibson named new CFC Chief

by: Sharell Lockhart, News Reporter - Published Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Following months of turmoil and the eventual ousting of former Chief Councillor Chervita Campbell, the City of Freeport Council (CFC) last night elected a new Chief Councillor.


Tuesday, September 27, the City of Freeport Local Government Council held elections where Frazette Gibson and Marco Carey, were sworn-in as the new Chief Councillor and Deputy Chief Councillor, respectively.


Family Island Administrator Preston Cunningham led the election proceedings, which by all accounts seemed to be a peaceful undertaking. 


“Today, I am very pleased with the entire exercise as councillors used their judgment, respected democracy and ensured that they were able to elect a chief Councillor and deputy chief Councillor without a hitch, grumblings or chaos, which allowed for a very peaceful session.


“Newly-elected Chief Councillor Frazette Gibson went into the election process unopposed, which inevitably speaks volumes of the confidence her fellow councillors have in her ability to lead the way forward,” said Cunningham.


“With respect to electing the deputy chief Councillor there was a tie between Marco Carey and Clifton Francis and of course the Parliamentary Elections Act makes provision to resolve such a situation.


“While we could have extended the proceedings to another 14 days from today’s date and allow them to come back and hold fresh elections in respects to that position, we instead gave both persons the option of flipping a coin to decide the victor.


“Both individuals agreed to conduct the coin toss with each one selecting a side of the coin (heads or tails) and upon doing so Marco Carey emerged as the deputy chief councillor,” said Admin. Cunningham.


Admittedly, Administrator noted that once the elections concluded he could not emphasize sufficiently, the importance of all the councilors understanding that they were the ones to elect the leaders and must hold them accountable for respecting the rules, regulations and responsibility the office/position requires.


“Truly I believe the councillors elected Chief Councillor Gibson and Deputy chief Councillor Carey, because they have every bit of confidence in these individuals and with that being the case, I call upon every single Councillor to give full support to both of their leaders,” Admin. Cunningham advised.


Deputy Chief Councillor Carey expressed sincere pride with being elected to a higher level of responsibility within the Local Government Council and remains confident that both he and the chief Councillor would do an amazing job, worthy of the confidence shown in them by those who elected them.


Both leaders represent the Central Grand Bahama constituency and promised to complete all projects and initiatives that have begun in their respective areas such as the establishment of two new parks, roadwork, repairs and erecting proper signage.


Chief Councillor Gibson although surprised by the confidence in leadership demonstrated by fellow councilors said she feels blessed and will exercise wisdom in executing and respecting the rules, regulations and responsibilities the office/position requires.


“Indeed I am excited about moving forward as the City of Freeport Local Government chief Councillor and I want to personally thank all the councilors, who showed their support in me and I know working together we can take the city forward for better.


“In any situation there are always storms we must weather and I believe the recent tempest that occurred resulting in today’s elections was necessary so that we can all sit, collaborate and get everything in order so that confidence can be restored once again in the Local Government process.


“Yes, confidence has dwindled due to the inner wrangling and turbulence, however, it is up for us all to show the city better moving forward in a positive light for the benefit of us all,” declared Chief Councillor Gibson. 



Published  Wednesday, September 28, 2016


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