Collie gets 15 year sentence

by: Lededra Marche, News Editor

A judge sentenced Gibran Collie, one of two brothers who was on trial for the attempted murder of two men, to 15 years in prison.

Senior Justice Hartman Longley handed down the sentence to the older brother last week.

Gibran, 27, and Gihon, 25, were accused of opening fire on Darwin Curtis and Perron Martin in the parking lot of a local nightclub back in June 2012 before running into the Seahorse Village area early that fateful morning.

Both victims testified in Supreme Court of the shooting outside Candies Cabana.

The court heard the shooting stemmed from a confrontation inside the club between two of the men and was perpetrated as the victims were leaving.

Police arrested the men in the Seahorse area.

Both brothers were charged with two counts of attempted murder, however, the jury brought a not guilty, 7-2 verdict against Gihon. 

Gibron’s verdict was unanimous.

Attorney Erica Kemp acted on behalf of the Office of the Attorney General.

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