GB Highway Bridge Project on target for April 2015 completion

by: Sharell Lockhart, News Reporter

Construction of the Grand Bahama Highway Bridge that began a little over three months ago is on schedule and progressing well, according to Waugh Construction President Godfrey Waugh.

The project estimated to cost $4 million is being jointly undertaken by Waugh and ABC Construction companies and is expected to make transportation, infrastructural and economic development east of the Lucayan Waterway easier for residents and business owners alike in the surrounding communities.

“Today we are on the west side of the bridge and are putting in another 12 inch lift on the road as this section must be raised approximately 19 to 20 feet in order for it to be at proper bridge elevation.

“Dump trucks are bringing in the fill while the Caterpillar D6, Broons Grid roller and Caterpillar Base roller are spreading, breaking up and compacting it.

“Additionally, after each lift that has been put in place it is tested to check its density,” said Waugh.

With the bridge construction completion date just eight months away, Waugh said his employees are working diligently to ensure all quality standards of the project are met.

“Both the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) and Lucaya Service Company Limited (LUSCO) has required us to conduct certain aspects of the bridge’s construction in a manner that would protect the environment and waterway hence, fencing has been placed along the edge of the canal to prevent anything from falling in it.

“We have experienced delays in the project due to inclement weather but we continue to work five days a week. As a matter of fact the rains have helped us in the compacting aspect; however, all-in-all we are expected to have the bridge completed by April 2015,” Waugh revealed.

As The Bahamas is in the height of the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season, Waugh noted contingency plans are in place should any tropical cyclone activity affect construction of the bridge.

To safeguard the project, Builders All-risk Insurance has been purchased by the company revealed Waugh, who noted hurricane safety plans have been instituted in the likelihood of severe weather conditions.

“We are covered by insurance in the event or a hurricane but what is most important to us is for the motoring public to drive with due care and attention on the Grand Bahama Highway especially as they approach the bridge construction area on both sides,” said Waugh.

Initially, the bridge is being erected to accommodate two lanes of traffic however, there is potential for expansion in the future to hold four lanes.

This is the first time Waugh Construction has been given the opportunity to construct a bridge and according to its president, he is elated to be a part of this historic event.

“Waugh Construction is so glad to have been give the chance to be a part of a project of this magnitude.

“We are indeed proud of the work we have carried out thus far but more importantly, it is a joy to know that companies from Freeport are leading the way on construction of this bridge,” he concluded.

The Grand Bahama Highway Bridge will not only serve to make transportation from East Grand Bahama to Freeport and other areas west of the waterway more efficient but it is expected to be a secondary bridge to the existing Casuarina Bridge, which will positively affect staff, students and potential growth of the College of The Bahamas as well as all the settlements farther east.

Published  Wednesday, August 20, 2014 

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