GB gives Nassau team a scrimmage they will not forget

by: Andrew Coakley, Sports Editor

Is it football season? Not really, but anyone passing the YMCA playing field on Saturday may have gotten the impression that youth football had started its new season.
Rest assured football fans, the new 2013 season has not yet begun.
But there was some football action on the YMCA field Saturday as the Falcons, runners-up from last season and a Grand Bahamian youth football team took on the only youth football team out of Nassau.
It was a friendly scrimmage between the two teams, but Freeport was not too friendly against their visitors, beating up on them 34-7.
" The game was really for the Nassau team to see where they are in terms of their game,"  said Sandford Duhaney, Director of Youth Football in Grand Bahama.
" This is the only youth football team that Nassau has and they have never really played anyone since they were formed about two years ago, so they called and wanted to know if we could arrange this game for them today." 
Duhaney said that there are talks between Nassau and Freeport to have this youth football team in Nassau play within the Grand Bahamian league. The feasibility of that has yet to be ironed out, but the objective is to give the Nassau team more opportunities to play and improve their game.
" We're happy to host them, but what we are hoping is that we could have like an exchange program with them, where during the season they get to come down here and we have different teams travel to Nassau at different times to play them,"  explained Duhaney.
" The good thing with that is it would give our kids the experience of travelling and playing as a team. That brings a team closer together and I think that in the long run it can only make a team better." 
Duhaney said that the game onâ Saturday was a good one for the Falcons, giving them an opportunity as well to see where they are as the season is soon set to begin. There were some signs of rust from the Falcons, but they were good enough to dominate the Nassau team.
What made the Falconsâ win even more impressive was the fact that they were not playing with a full squad, with the players who did show up, having to play both offense and defense.
" You have to give the Falcons credit for the way they've played in this game, but we expect to see them out in full force once the season gets started,"  said Duhaney.
GB's Youth Football season is set to begin in October, however, each team is expected to begin their pre-season camp in September.
Duhaney is expecting a great season this year, with two other teams expected to join the league.
With the team out of Nassau also thinking about joining the league, it should put the number of teams in the GB league up to about nine.
" To make the season a good one, it will be a matter of us all staying together and seeing this thing through. We do a lot of work for these young men and its a task, but we just have to keep on pressing.
" We still need some help with coaches and with officials, so anyone who is interested can come out and give us a hand." 

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