Seniors get tertiary education information

by: Mia Whylly, News Reporter - Published Thursday, November 10, 2016

Jack Hayward Senior High School (JHSHS) Guidance Department held its Fifth Annual College Symposium at The Bahamas Union of Teachers (BUT) Hall Tuesday morning, during which the further education institutions on Grand Bahama were able to share information on courses offered and applicable costs to the school’s senior class.


Coordinator of the Guidance Department at JHSHS and Counselor Carlene Davis- Williams told The Freeport Ne-ws that she has been running the symposium for Grade 12 students for five years. 


“This symposium gives our students an opportunity to be exposed to post-secondary education that is available on the island. For some reason our students rarely take advantage of the College Fair organized annually by the Principals’ and Vice Principals’ Association, so I decided to bring the institutions here so the students have no excuses,” Williams stated.


Williams furthered that the symposium allowed the students to hear information on the variety of courses, both academic and technical, offered here on Grand Bahama, as well as information on costs and scholarships available.


“Our last graduating class had a 91 percent graduation rate, and lots of that year took advantage of the scholarships and courses offered right here on Grand Bahama,” the Counselor recalled. 


The following institutions presented to the Grade 12 Class at JHSHS: Terreve College, Atlantic College, Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institution (BTVI), College of the Bahamas (COB), Bahamas Institute of Business and Technology (BIBT) and Lucaya International School (LIS).


Anne Russell, Senior Executive Officer at the Ministry of Education (MOE) spoke to the students present about the numerous scholarships and grants offered by the government, including the Bahamas Merit, National Academic, National Technical, National Grant, and National Merit. 


Russell also warned the students how important it is to apply for the scholarships in a timely fashion, as each year many students are disappointed when they hear how much their friends receive in aid.


Cheyenne Harvey, Admissions Assistant at COB acknowledged sharing with the twelfth graders the different programs on offer.


“It also told them that by this spring we will hopefully have our residential facility on stream to attract more students. In addition, I explained COB’s Study Abroad Program,” Harvey shared.


Kayla Hall, Admissions Officer at BTVI spoke to the students about the importance of Technical Education, particularly on Grand Bahama.


“BTVI being the premier Technical Institution post- high school it is important the seniors are aware of the courses we offer. Presently we have over 300 students and expect a larger enrollment for 2017-2018 as we bring in more programs,” Hall noted.


Sabena Culmer, a grade 12 Electrical Installation student attended the College Symposium and said, “The seminar opened my eyes as to what I wanted to pursue after graduation, and instead of going straight off to college in Canada as previously thought, I could stay in Freeport and enroll into one of the many programs that train you a little for a college- level education.”


Carrington Hylton, also of grade 12 said that, “Some of the programs that we heard about, for example, Terreve stated that you can finish classes so much quicker than in high school while learning more.”


Hylton added that he was pleasantly surprised at the cost of studying at Terreve or Atlantic College because their tuition was, in his opinion, extremely reasonable and much less than he had thought.


“I also learned a lot about the Government Scholarship Program, which encourages me to do better in school and achieve a scholarship. The LIS International Baccalaureate Program also interested me because as it is I will be graduating at the age of 16 and I feel I need to mature more,” Hylton said.


Zion-nernenn Laing, an Academic Science student at JHSHS said, “I was highly impressed with the amount of information I obtained at the symposium. I did not know there were, that many government scholarships, and it really motivated me to push for at least two of them. 


“Although the majority of institutions present did not offer what I plan to study, it was still interesting to hear their comments and be able to evaluate the price ranges they offer.”


Published  Thursday, November 10, 2016 


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