12 local teachers complete LIONS quest training

by: Lededra Marche, News Editor

Determined to weed out the root cause of behavioral problems among students at the primary level, the Freeport Lions Club sponsored 12 teachers to a training seminar in Orlando, Florida over the weekend.

The all-expense paid trip afforded the Lewis Yard Primary School teachers the opportunity to participate in the Lions Club's Quest Program.

The program focused on positive youth development and prevention from kindergarten through 12th grade and seeks to unite the home, school and community to cultivate capable and healthy young people of strong character.

Lions Quest helps students grow into solid citizens as they learn how to make responsible decisions, communicate effectively, find solutions to bullying in school, and avoid drugs and violence.

President Charles Saunders was pleased that the Ministry of Education consented to allowing the teachers time off to participate in the course at the multi-district convention.

" It will benefit the Ministry of Education and the entire Bahamas and I'm looking forward to working with the ministry to ensure that we get this program in every school in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas,"  he said.

" Those teachers were trained and can now go back to their class and help out with teaching the students anger management and are able to detect signs of behavioral problems in the youngsters." 

The trip was coordinated and executed by District Governor Dudley Bent, who was concerned about the social and behavioral problems he witnesses among students.

" They have conflict resolution and they don't know how to make wise decisions and I looked at the Quest program which combines everything and I wanted to get it in the schools,"  Bent said.

The district governor then approached his wife, who happens to be the senior mistress at Lewis Yard Primary School, about implementing the program in that institution and having a number of the teachers travel to Florida to participate.

" It was approved and they got the time off and we took them to Orlando on Thursday, and they came back Sunday. We also paid for the books for the kids for the entire school and the teaching manuals,"  he said.

" We're excited right now because other teachers have heard about the program through the Lewis Yard teachers and I'm looking at meeting with Martin Town and Bartlett Hill School and we'll take it from there." 

Bent is working on getting more teachers throughout The Bahamas certified through the workshop and bringing the Quest trainer from Chicago to The Bahamas in October.

More than 13 million young people have taken part in a Lions Quest classroom in 85 countries, and more than 550,000 educators and other adults have been trained to implement the programs in schools and community settings.

Lewis Yard Principal Sandréa Bullard and Mrs. Peta Worrell, upper primary coordinator, expressed excitement about the implementation of the program and presented Presidemt Saunders with a certificate of appreciation for the club's generous donation.

Published Friday, May 9, 2014

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