JHJHS Stars shine at AwardS Ceremony and Prefect Installation

by: Jaimie Smith, News Reporter - Published Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The shining stars of Jack Hayward Junior High School (JHJHS) welcomed, distinguished guests from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Marvin Rolle, District Education Officer; Ministry of Education, Science and Technology family, friend and well wishers on Wednesday, September 28 to the school’s campus to celebrate with them as they held their Annual Awards Ceremony and Prefect Installation.


Held in the school’s annex under the theme, ‘Achieving success, developing the leader in me’ moderator Shantell Evans, Religious Studies teacher at JHJHS noted, “Students as we move through the program, let us be mindful that we are stars and this is our opportunity to shine the brightest. 


“No matter how young or old you are, an award can give you a tremendous amount of encouragement and keep you getting better. The key is to be willing to give up who you are, in order to become all that you can become.” 


Ttempyss Graves, Deputy Head Girl, welcomed those in attendance stating, “Every year we take the time out to acknowledge those illuminating stars who have excelled academically, and those who have made significant strides in improving. 


“I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to those of you who have taken the time out of your busy schedules to join us in this grand celebration, as we the brightly shining stars of JHJHS strive towards achieving success and developing dynamic future leaders.” 


Principal of the ‘Stars’ as they are so aptly referred, Shennan Rolle, congratulated the students on their tremendous efforts during the 2015/2016 academic year, acknowledging that success is indeed not an option but a reality. 


“Today we celebrate the successes of many of our rising stars, those who have set academic, athletic and leadership goals and have achieved them.”


Quoting motivational speaker Zig Zignar, she expressed, “Success means doing the best we can with what we have. Success is the doing, not the getting- in the trying, not the triumph, success is a personal standard - reaching for the highest that is in us - becoming all that we can be.’


“Many of you Stars had to preserve through disappointments, discouragements and countless distractions; but you did not give up, you persevered and now, you are reaping the rewards. Congratulations to all of you on your accomplishments, you are shining JHJHS stars. 


“To our newest prefects, you have been chosen to lead your peers because of the potential you possess. Possessing potential means that you have qualities and abilities that we recognize that you have that can be developed and will lead to your success,” said Rolle.


“I want our stars to know, you may get a failing point, but know that success is possible; it does not matter how you start but how you end, and the attitude that you have and you will succeed. 


“Thank you students; you deserve all the accolades and awards that you will get today; you have proven that success is achievable,” said Rolle.


Guest speaker for the ceremony was Rev. John Wildgoose, District Superintendent, Bahamas District Church of the Nazarene, who admonished the students to chart their own destiny, with God at the forefront, and define their individual success. 


“Societies’ definition of success is wrong, this is why you have to have your own definition of success. This is why I like your theme because it speaks to success coming from a personal place. It says ‘Developing the leader, in me;’ success comes from a personal place, which means that your definition of success must be personal. 


“Other people may inspire you and help you to fine tune your definition but you have to define, personally, what success means to you. Today, at some point, I want each of you to sit down and write down what your definition of success is. After you have done that, you are going to write down your goals, that you’re going to achieve to accomplish your success by Grade 10,” said Wildgoose. 


“Having a personal definition of success does not automatically mean that you will step into it. True success is internal; it is not external, even though the world doesn’t see it that way. 


“Success can only be enjoyed when I learn to straighten out some things in me, because if you are not straight on the inside, in order to get there you wont be able to enjoy it.” 


To the newly installed prefects, he noted, “You cannot effectively lead others until you learn to lead yourself. Developing the leader in me first begins with learning to lead yourself, because if you are trying to lead others and you cannot control your temper, you are not leading yourself.  


“If you are trying to lead others and you have no respect for your teachers, you don’t obey your parents and you cannot encourage yourself, you cannot follow your own rules that make you a hypocrite. You have to learn to lead yourselves first. You must get it right on the inside,” noted Wildgoose.  


The 2016/2017 Head Boy and Head Girl of JHJHS are Justin Pratt and Charisma Prince, respectively. Geno Knowles and Ttempyss Graves were nominated as Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl. Students awarded with the highest cumulative per grade level for Grades 7 and 8 were Adrian Ferguson and Justin Pratt respectively. 


The student awarded the highest GPA for the 2015/2016 school years was Adrian Ferguson. 


Receiving the most outstanding BJC passes with five or more subjects with grade ‘C’ and above was Justin Pratt. 


Honourable Mention was awarded to Charisma Prince, Jamaal Butler and Troyden Hodge, while Deputy Head Boy Geno Knowles received the Student of the Year Award. 


Published  Wednesday, October 5, 2016


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