$3,500 computer system donation for EMR High

by: Sharell Lockhart, News Reporter - Published Friday, November 11, 2016

The Grand Bahama Shipyard Co. Ltd (GBSL) Social Club on Thursday, November 10, 2016 donated nearly $3,500.00 in HP All-in-One PC computers and a Canon Inkjet Printer to the Eight Mile Rock High School (EMR-HS).


Two months ago, GBSL Social Club members began an “Our Kids’ Future Matter” Initiative aimed at positively impacting the lives of children throughout the Eight Mile Rock community and inspiring students to strive to excel academically, socially and contribute to the community.


Tashana Tynes, GBSL Social Club and Training Department Board member presented the computers to EMRHS Principal Ivan Butler stating, “It is indeed a pleasure for the GBSL Social Club to present these computers as well as inkjet printer to the Eight Mile Rock High School (EMRHS) on behalf of our members many of whom attended this educational institution and reside throughout the community.


“The Social Club has been an integral part of the Grand Bahama Shipyard Co. Ltd. for the past 12 years providing many social and charitable opportunities for its members and community.


“Eight Mile Rock High School (EMRHS) remains near and dear to the GBSL’s heart as we have assisted with various projects in the past, hence it is in keeping with this partnership that we gladly stand with you this morning.


“On behalf of the GBSL Social Club, we would like to present these computers to you and are confident that they would be put to good use and assist in the refurbishment of the EMRHS Computer Science Lab.”


Commending the GBSL Social Club for its dedication to the Eight Mile Rock community and investing in the future of the island’s youth, Principal Butler graciously accepted the computers and printer that are greatly needed in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew that caused severe damage to the educational institution.


Hopeful that the rapport developed between the GBSL Social Club and EMRHS will continue to grow, Principal Butler said, “Today it was such a blessing for us to receive the donation of computers and a printer from the GBSL Social Club.


“The Grand Bahama Shipyard Co. Ltd as well as their employees have always been very generous to the EMRHS and annually, the corporate division provides us with a donation to assist various needs and for that we are truly grateful.


“The GBSL Social Club “Our Kids’ Future Matters” Initiative is very special to the EMRHS Blue Jays Family, as many of the employees reside in the Eight Mile Rock community, attended school here and have decided to contribute to the positive growth and development of the students.


“Recently, the GBSL Social Club held a back-to-school rally and pledged its unwavering commitment to the EMRHS and ensuring all is done by the membership to support the students educational, social and civic advancement, so on behalf of the Blue Jays, I would like to thank Jecholiah Barnett, GB Shipyard Social and Community Club President for this wonderful donation.


“As most are aware, the EMRHS has sustained severe damage as a result of Hurricane Matthew and we have lost many computers, hence this donation would certainly go a long way in helping us to get back on track in the computer science and restore that which was lost.”


Elated to render continued assistance through the “Our Kids’ Future Matters” Initiative, Barnett revealed the employees are committed to making the necessary contribution to empower the students of EMRHS and the youth of the community for the benefit of the island and by extension the nation.


She along with GBSL Social Club members urges the wider Grand Bahama community and corporate sector to partner with the educational institutions being sure to lend assistance and provide role models for the students to emulate.


Furthermore, she advised the EMRHS students to take full advantage of all the opportunities they are presented with and to remember that they should also strive to make positive contributions to the community and the school just like their parents, older siblings and family members, who believe they are the brightest hope for the future.


Published  Friday, November 11, 2016


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